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Eid Mubarak!This is Basboosa, which is a cake traditionally eaten at Eid. It is a sweet, semolina coconut cake.  A family in Mr Backstrom’s street celebrated the end of Ramadan by making Basboosa for everybody. Eid Mubarak to everyone.

Happy Half Term!

Click here to print the PDF:

PDF Y6 Half term project

We’d love to see your volcanoes! Send any videos or photos of your explosions (or anything else) to

Hello Again Year 6! Hope you are all well and staying safe! We miss you!

What have you all been doing this week to keep your brains occupied? Here’s what Mr Backstrom and Ms Millican have been up to…Mr Backstrom continues to build his model aircraft: the North American P51D Mustang.  Here he is, painting and building all the smaller parts. Good luck, Mr Backstrom, and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!Ms Millican has been losing every game of Cluedo. She needs to sharpen up those deduction skills!

Week beginning 18th May part 2

Have a go at the following activities. As ever, give it your best shot. Try them by yourself but you may use parents/carers and siblings if you are stuck. Answers are included to check what you have done.

1) Practise your reading – have a go at these three short reading comprehensions. We really enjoyed the poem. We hope you do too.

Poetry Reading Revision Mat

Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Non-Fiction Reading Revision Mat

2) Modal verb madness – remember Mr B’s bad joke – Q) Mr Backstrom can I go to the toilet? A) I’m sure you can – you’ve done it before. But you may not during maths (unless you’re desperate!).  This is a good activity as modal verbs for possibility (e.g. might) and certainty (e.g. will) help with your writing, especially with your tense work.

modal verbs and adverbs

3) Fractions. Try these equivalent fractions work sheets. The second is more of a challenge. Remember that the denominator is very important when ‘Elvis is in the room’ (you know what we mean). All of the LCDs (lowest common denominators) or HCF (highest common factors) are given. Just try your best to use them when you change them all to the same denominator.

equivalent fractions

fractions challenge

4) During lockdown we’ve noticed (seen and heard) more and more small birds, which is really lovely. Complete the word search.

Bird word search

5) DT – build a bird feeder. ALLERGY ALLERT – If you build your own bird feeder be aware that peanuts are used (as small birds really do love them). You may swap peanuts for any large seed like sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts or pumpkin seeds etc.

DTBuild a bird feeder

Previous Activities 

Magic Maths

Check this out…

  • Add your birth year to how old you are on your birthday this year and it will add up to 2020
  • e.g. Mr Backstrom was born in 1962 and he is 58 on this year’s birthday: 

     1962 + 58 = 2020

  • This is true for everyone on the planet. Try it with your family!

Maths Puzzles

Ordering Decimals

You can find the answers to the maths problems here: Maths answers1


Have a look at these famous landmarks. If you have access to a printer you could print out this blank map of the UK and add the pictures and labels. If not find out where they go on the map and write a list of landmarks and where you would find them.

Blank UK map

Geography tasks

Previous Activities

Hello Year 6!

We hope you are all well and staying safe!

Week beginning 11th May part 2

This week would have been SATs week!

You all thought that SATs were cancelled.  Please complete the St Michael in the Hamlet version. This is a very serious exam 🙂 !  Good luck everyone. Stay safe and we are all thinking about you.

Work your way through the SMITH SATs paper – take your time, you don’t need to do it all in one go. You can print it out or write your answers on a piece of paper.

Year 6 Lockdown-SATs

When you’ve worked through the questions and gone back to see if you can have a go at any you’ve missed out, here are the answers:

Year 6 Lockdown-SATs-Answers

Here’s how Mr Backstrom and Ms Millican have been using their ‘real life’ maths and design technology skills this week…Ms Millican is very handy with the drill and she has used her measuring skills and steady hand to complete a few DIY jobs around the house.Mr Backstrom is attempting to build his second aircraft model. This time, he is constructing a North American P51D Mustang. A lot of concentration is required!

Did you know…North American P51D Mustang. It is a fighter plane and was the first fighter to have the range to make it to Berlin as a bomber escort. Goering once said he knew the war was lost when Mustangs were seen fighting off Messerschmitts over Berlin.


Activity 1

Watch this video and then read the information about the heart.

Use this information or research the heart online to answer the following questions:

  1. What does the heart do to the blood in the body?
  2. Do arteries carry blood to the heart or away from the heart?
  3. What protects the heart?
  4. What job has the blood in your body got?

Activity 2

Match the name of the organ to the job it does:

The heart


Activity 1 – Maths puzzles


Ken buys 3 large boxes and 2 small boxes of chocolates. 

Each large box has 48 chocolates. Each small box has 24 chocolates.  

How many chocolates did Ken buy altogether?


A box contains trays of melons.

There are 15 melons in a tray.

There are 3 trays in a box.

A supermarket sells 40 boxes of melons.

How many melons does the supermarket sell?

Activity 2

Practise Your Fraction Skills

Have a look at this to revise improper fractions and mixed numbers:

Now complete this:

You can find the answers to the maths puzzles and the fraction sheet here:

Maths answers


Activity 1

You’ve been practising using apostrophes. Have a go at this BBC bitesize lesson to become an apostrophe expert!

Activity 2

This link will take you to Pobble 365 where you’ll find a story starter. Read the beginning of the story and then think about the questions. Have a go at carrying on with the story. Can you include some apostrophes to show you’re confident using them in your work? We’d love to read your stories so please share them with us at

Previous Activities

Here’s how Mr Backstrom and Ms Millican have been using their ‘real life’ maths skills this week…

Mr Backstrom has finally completed his model of the WW2 Mark IV De Havilland Mosquito. He had to measure many of the parts accurately and trim them to size in order to complete this impressive construction.

Did you know…the Mark IV De Havilland Mosquito Fighter Bomber was constructed mostly from wood & was nicknamed the ‘Wooden Wonder’ in 1941.

Ms Millican has been baking cakes. She had to weigh all the ingredients carefully and time the cake in the oven in order to complete this delicious Victoria Sponge!

Did you know…the Victorian creation of baking powder by English food manufacturer, Alfred Bird, in 1843 gave this cake its sponge like consistency.

Things to do whilst you’re at home:

  • Work through your learning pack for reading comprehension, grammar and punctuation, arithmetic and problem solving  practice.
  • For extra practice, go online at You will recognise the site as we use it in class. Have a go at some of the reading, maths and grammar questions- you can access the marking scheme to check your own answers!
  • There are plenty of other exercises and games uploaded for you on the Active Learn Homework website. Why not take a look?
  • Have a go at some of the arithmetic and maths puzzles.
  • And of course, there’s nothing better than reading a good book, poem or play!

Week beginning 4th May 2020 part 2


How did you get on with the Harry Potter reading comprehension?

Have a listen to some more chapters from the first book:

1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook

Here are some SPaG activities for you to have a go at:

Year 6 Harry Potter SPaG activities


You’ve had a go at revising mental and written strategies for addition, now it’s time to have a go at some subtraction!

Year 6 mental and written strategies subtraction


Design Challenge 1

Design a survival pod. Now that you have experienced ‘social distancing’ and ‘lockdown’ what things do you think are the most important to isolated survival? Design a 1 person isolation pod, that someone could live in for up to 3 months. What would it look like, what would you need? BONUS: make the design as compact as possible, with clever design features. We’d love to see what you’ve come up with! Send a picture of your design to


Do you have a favourite type of music or a favourite band? What do you like about it / them? Listen to one of your favourite songs and try and identify the different instruments you can hear.

Watch / listen to this piece of music

It’s called ‘Short Ride in a Fast Machine’ by John Adams. Why do you think it’s called that? Did you like it? Why / why not? Make a list of all the instruments you could identify.

Here’s a music crossword for you to have a go at:


Previous activities


Maths activity 1 –  Word Problems


In a magic square, rows, columns and diagonals all have the same total.

Can you complete these magic squares so that all the rows, columns and diagonals add up to 15?


Each shape stands for a number.

Maths problems – answers

Maths activity 2

Revise mental and written addition strategies. Click on the link Mental and written addition strategies


Activity 1

Activity 2

Have a go at this Harry Potter reading comprehension. You could challenge your parents / carers to have a go at some and show them how to find the answers when they get stuck! We’ve also included a link to a website where you can listen to Stephen Fry read the book to  you a chapter at a time!

1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook

Harry Potter reading comprehension

Activity 3 

Watch this video about time capsules that have been found in different places:

Year 6 challenge – Create your own TIME CAPSULE so that you may remember what these strange days were like in a few year’s time.

Time capsule

Activity 4 – Just for fun a Wizard of Oz wordsearch for you


You may have seen the film but have you read the book? This is a brilliant opportunity to read some classic books!

Previous Activities


Ms Millican angles in triangles

Now you’ve watched the video, click on the link to have a go at some of these:

Y6 Angles in triangles (PowerPoint version)

Angles in triangles (PDF version)

Maths word problems

Y6 Word problems

Previous Activities


A video message from Mr B

Click on this link to find some questions related to Mr Backstrom’s video:

Y6 SPaG 1

Here are some maths word problems – which ones are you going to try first?

Maths Word Problems


Click here for an activity about The Industrial Revolution


We’d love to see what you’re doing so why not post a picture on our facebook or twitter pages? If you need any help, you can email

Stay Safe!

Mr Backstrom and Ms Millican


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