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Building bridges was a lot of fun! We explored strong shape structures then experimented with abutments and weight before making some finished products. 

Our Christmas performances were a huge success! Thank you to all who came and watched or supported us from home :). 

Look at our fantastic timeline work to end our history topic. We placed WW2 and WW1 on a timeline spanning from 15,000CE to the new millennium. We realised that this part of our history seems like such a long time ago, but really it isn’t! 

For our Autumn 1 topic “Battles, Blackouts and the Blitz”, Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from Michael Thame, who has written a series of books documenting his grandad’s experiences during WW2. We heard Michael read his book to both classes, then we spent some more time exploring different artefacts. Our Year 6 children were so keen to share their own family’s experiences of WW2 and even Mr Backstrom had a story or two to share! We loved Michael’s visit so much.


6N are a happy bunch! Art, Maths or English: we work so well as a team. 

6B have done some fantastic work this half term. We have worked so hard with classifying living things, adverbial phrases and diary writing.

Sofia recommends this book for your Autumn 2 term read. We have a huge focus on reading in Year 6, so we’ve been trying to find ‘hidden gems’ in our 6N library. Sofia says “It’s very strange and at times a little gruesome, but it’s full of friendship and magic!”


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