Eco Team

Eco Team

The job of our Eco Team is to try to make our school as sustainable as possible. That means we try to look after the world around us and make sure that we don’t damage it.

The children on our team are chosen by each class in September. Each class votes to choose a boy and girl in their class who will represent them on the Eco Team. They meet most weeks to work on what else we can do to make our school more sustainable.

Every year our Eco Team decides together 2 or 3 areas they want to focus on throughout the year. They chose between:

Biodiversity – We share our school with many different species of plants and animals. How do we promote Biodiversity at our school?
Energy – Our School has two main uses for energy: heating and electricity. Can we help lower our school’s impact on climate change?
“Global Citizenship” – Can we take an active role in our community, and work with others to make our planet more equal, fair and sustainable?
Litter – Do we respect our learning environment? Is our school litter-free?
Marine – How does what we do in our schools, homes and streets affect our seas? How we can make positive differences for our seas?
Healthy living – We are part of the environment. How does our school promote choices that are good for us and good for the environment?
School grounds – Our school’s grounds are a fantastic environment in which to let the imagination run wild. How will we make the most of our outside space?
Transport – We can do a lot to improve the way staff and pupils travel. Can we encourage pupils to try new modes of transport?
Waste – This comes in many different forms – food, paper, plastic, electrical, metal – it can all be reduced, reused or recycled. How can we manage waste better?
Water – What can we do to use this precious resource more responsibly?


Unfortunately, our Eco Team are not able to meet together yet, as this would mean mixing children together from many different bubbles. Hopefully, we will manage to meet later in the year. 
In the meantime, have a look at our Sustainability Challenge to see how you can make a difference to our school’s environment and our world!

Have a look at just some of the projects our school has been involved in…

Earth Hour

This year Earth Hour was at 8.30pm on Saturday 27th March. Classes used recycled materials to highlight this year’s theme – the loss of biodiversity (animals and nature) because of climate change.

Y3 Elephants

Y1 Posters

Y1 Lanterns

Y4 Posters

Have a look at the WWF website to learn about endangered animals and some of the threats that they face.

They also have 21 ideas for what you can to to help the planet this year!

Have a look at some of these WWF ideas you could try at home…


Solar Panels

Plastic Challenge

Clean Air Day

Climate Change Campaign

Healthy Recipes

Sustainability Challenge

Green Procurement Policy 2018 – 2019

Green Procurement policy document can be found on the School Policies page.


Have a look at some of these fantastic environmental websites…

National Geographic Kids

Eco friendly kids

Join the Pod Now run by Wastebuster a not-for-profit community interest company. 
Look in the Student Zone to find lots of useful information, activities, movies and games to help you learn all about energy, biodiversity, climate science and much more.