Barry’s Back Garden

Here at S.M.I.T.H, we are incredibly lucky to have our own wild garden. In 2012 we dedicated our wild garden to Barry Aldridge. Barry was fundamental in the development of our garden, his enthusiasm and joy of all things outdoors was truly inspirational. We use this space for relaxation, learning outdoors and other activities. 

Our outdoor environment gives us a unique place which we use in a fun and varied way, sometimes incorporating challenges and risks, and offering opportunities for pursuing our own ideas and interacting with others in a different and natural way.

Classes are able to access this area throughout the year to enhance their learning and see for themselves the changes that happen as the seasons roll over.

Reception looking for signs of Spring and investigating mini-beasts and where they live!

Year 2 recording the findings of their mini-beast hunt!

We even have our own log cabin which provides an excellent outdoor classroom for our children- and also a grotto for Santa at Christmas!

Art in the Garden

The Wild Garden particularly lends itself to creating art there- through sketching what’s around, collecting materials to use back in class or even using artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, to create artwork within a natural setting. Check out our Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork below.