We want you to have a successful learning journey and attending school each day is a vital part of that. Working as a class team, YOU will get the chance to have a goldfish in class for the week!

Miss Moreton is the Attendance Lead for S.M.I.T.H.

Mrs Basson is the Attendance Champion. 

Please email ( or call the school office if you have any attendance worries. Our goal is to work together before a drop in attendance starts to involve the Education Welfare Officer.

Going for Great Attendance!

Being in school every day is the key to successful learning. It helps your child establish friendships, feel included in their class ‘team’ and not feel like they are missing out.

In school, we reward good attendance in a number of ways. Each week the class with the highest percentage attendance (for the previous week) will receive a certificate to place in their classroom. We work with our School Councillors to decide on other rewards for classes with the best attendance. In the past, we’ve used Bill the Owl and Mr Potato Head to help motivate our younger children. Now, we have the exciting news of a class goldfish!

Attendance figures and winning classes:

Week ending: 10/05/24 Winning class:
EYFS & KEY STAGE 1:        99.6%     1B
KEY STAGE 2          98.7%      3B and 4X



The Attendance policy document can be found here Attendance Policy and also on the School Policies page.

‘School Attendance’ Information from LCC about changes to how school attendance is measured

‘Holidays during School Term Time’ letter from LCC outlining changes to legistration


What does good attendance mean?