Parent Questionnaire Outcomes

Parent Questionnaire 2018

We would usually send out parent questionnaires during Spring 2 – Summer 1 Term. However, following our recent Ofsted, we felt we had captured our parent voice adequately – either from the comments you shared with the Inspector on the yard or the responses you submitted on Parent View.

The overwhelming majority of all our families responded very positively to the questions – and say children are safe, happy and making good progress at school.

Thank you again for all of your comments – whether positive or more challenging it helps us to ensure we are meeting the needs of our families and community. In the absence of the formal questionnaire if you have any other feedback or suggestions please do so on the attached sheet and send it to school for consideration at our Leadership Team meeting, where we will be planning for the new academic year.

Parent Questionnaire Analysis 2017

Thank you to our families that completed the questionnaires. Our questionnaire is designed by Ofsted, which is why the language is more formal than we would ordinarily use, but it does help us ensure that our measurement of parental satisfaction is consistent.

What do parents feel is working well at St Michael in the Hamlet.

“ School is a place where children feel safe, confident and secure and encouraged to do their best in a stimulating curriculum.”

“ Staff are approachable, dedicated, friendly and happy and have high expectations of the children.”

“ There is a real sense of community …embracing children from all different backgrounds… and teaching respect and responsibility as members of a wider community.”

“Forest School, breakfast club, massage, after school clubs, brass sessions in Year 4, and Y6 additional tuition are all excellent resources.”

“There are lots of opportunities to be involved as a family.”

“The focus on wellbeing and teaching the children emotional literacy is a real strength.”

What do parents have questions about?

Second Hand Uniform

After encouraging families to name items of clothing we have less ‘lost property’ to pass on to families. Families who want to donate any uniform can leave this at either office. We will hold our next uniform swop/sale on Thursday 8th June after the Whit holiday on the Junior yard.

More notice of events

School based events including INSET days are recorded on the newsletters and on the website calendar. Class pages online also record any special dates for children. This helps us to save paper and reduces texting costs. Most dates are set in the Summer term for the academic year to follow e.g. Inset days and fairs. Where dates are dependent on staffing, school decision making and the availability of the halls we try and give at least a week’s notice. The Governors are looking at the cost to school in purchasing a new system which will allow online communication from school and online payment. We think that this will really help our families – watch this space!

‘Helping my child’ sessions

There is a wealth of information on the website about the learning our children are involved in. However, sometimes more practical direction is preferred by families. Many classes already run sessions with parents to explain how maths or phonics etc. is taught and we will look to build on these opportunities to engage with our families when we plan for next year.


As a family you may like to have a routine for homework. The class pages on the website have been updated to not only share the topic and the subject foci but also the national expectations for your child’s age. As well as the Abacus ‘school’ homework, learning times tables and spellings and engaging your child in reading, there is a wealth of other resources online that you can access.

There are many apps available that you may like to use and we are fortunate too to have the libraries and museums still free. Remember that the guidance would be an hour or so a week, with homework enthusing and reinforcing learning. Homework also doesn’t necessarily need to be recorded – sharing a book related to your topic or chanting the 9 times table as you jump up the stairs is just as valid.

Watching tv in school

We use a range of resources to stimulate the children’s interest in their learning, one resource being the internet. Where a clip is used to introduce or reinforce an aspect of learning, this has been planned carefully by your child’s class teacher. During wet play we may use a short cartoon if the children are together in the hall however these sessions are more likely to take place in class where children have a range of wet play activities. Take a look at the BBC2 Learning Zone short film resources for KS1 and KS2.