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What can I expect in Reception at SMITH? 

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Spring 2

Come and have a cracking good time as we explore all things eggs! 

True Colours 

Our main text focus is ‘Hattie Peck: The Journey Home’. Over the three weeks we will:

  • Go on an egg hunt around our outdoor area!  
  • Write an adaptation of ‘Hattie Peck: The Journey Home’. 
  • Explore non fiction texts : We will be learning about different animals that hatch from eggs
  • Follow a set of instructions on how to make a bird feeder. 
  • Make a set of binoculars to observe livings things in our outdoor environment. 
  • Design their own egg… What will hatch out of it? 
  • Investigate eggs – What will happen when it is boiled for 1 minute, 3 ? What if we add heat ? What if we stir it? Will it go back to its original state? 
  • Discuss questions like; Was it right for Hattie to take the eggs? Would you rather be was chaotic or calm? Would you rather live on land or in the sea?  

Here is our Topic Web for Spring 2.

Spring 2 2023 Topic Web – True Colours.docx(PDF doc)

Here are some photographs of us learning and exploring! 

Communication and Language Physical Development  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
 Listening to the teacher and our class mates. Joining in with conversations.  Fine motor skills – Mark making (Lit) Shrove Tuesday  (PSED/RE) Working together, overcoming problems, and persevering to make a model. 


Literacy Maths Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design
 We love reading and finding key words in different books!     Exploring Animals in our local environment and beyond-  which ones hatch from eggs?  
We love Maths games and challenges! We love our Monster Phonics Word Hunts!

Spring 1

Happy 2023 everyone! Grab your ticket and jump onboard for an exciting half term!

Ticket to Ride

Our main text focus is ‘Emma Jane’s Aeroplane’. Over the three weeks we will:

  • Receive a special ticket to go on a journey in our school minibus!
  • Explore non fiction texts to learn about ‘How things go’. 
  • Write a recount of a journey. 
  • Explore and compare different places around the world.
  • Learn and perform a poem about transport in PE. 
  • Find out about people who help us and the transport they use.
  • Work as a team to make the future generations mode of transport!
  • Discuss questions like; Would you rather fly through the sky or glide through the sea? Would you rather have wings, wheels or a parachute?

Here is our Topic Web for Spring 1.

Spring 1 2023Topic Web – Ticket to Ride. (PDF doc)

Take a look at our minibus ride and our exciting airlines so far! 

Here are more photographs of us in action!

Communication and Language Physical Development  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Following instructions to make a kite.  PE – Races  Friendship 


Literacy Maths Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design
Handwriting (PD) Exploring capacity Safer internet Day – How to stay safe online (PSED) Making music using household equipment

Look at our amazing art in the style of Kadinsky!

Here’s our detailed Design Technology projectto make a terrific mode of transport. 

TeamworkWorking together to make a super rocket!

Some more fabulous picollages showcasing exploration, fun, curiosity and creativity in Reception

Knowsley Safari park came into Early Years to help us celebrate National Storytelling Week! We loved learning all about ‘Wildlife Wasteland’ and recycling

Autumn 2

‘Somewhere Only We Know!’

Our main text focus is ‘I’m going to eat this ANT!’ Over the three weeks we will:

  • Join in with alliteration.
  • Explore non fiction texts to learn about insects and bugs. 
  • Make shopping lists and menus. 
  • Explore animals and their habitats.
  • Learn and perform ‘When the ants go marching in’.
  • Discuss questions like ‘Should we ever squish an ant?’

Here is our Topic Web for Autumn 2.

This half term, we started something new this term called Directional Drawing. We revisit a letter, read a new book, draw something by following direction and then discuss a key question.

Just take a look at how fantastic the children are at listening, focusing and following directions. Their drawings are incredible. Well Done! 🙂 

To celebrate World Nursery Rhyme Week, the terrific Mr Tumble Liverpool came to visit us to sing and sign lots of nursery rhymes with us. 

Just look at our amazing home made costumes! We had a mixture of characters from nursery rhymes and some Monster Phonics characters too!

Building up to Christmas, we had a very special Parent stay and Play craft session. This was so lovely to see our families playing together. Thank you all so much for coming. 

Reception have enjoyed joining in with celebrations, including birthdays, diwali, bonfire night and going on a local trip to visit the Church to learn more about Christmas. 

Take a look at the photographs of our fabulous little ones in action to see more of what we have been getting up to in Reception…


Communication and Language Physical Development  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Listening and following yoga instructions   Exploring ways of moving Being a supportive friend


Literacy Maths Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design
Practicing our sound of the day and scrubbing it away to clean the teeth (PSED and PD)  Reading a numeral and threading that number of pasta shapes (fine motor) Exploring Hinduism and Diwali Painting outdoors


Listening to a text and responding  Numberblocks   Exploring how kites work and making our own one. Dressing up as our favourite nursery rhyme and performing it

Autumn 1 

Dont Stop Me Now!

Our main text focus will be ‘The Gingerbread Man!’

  • Here we will join in with rhyme and repetition.
  • We will make gingerbread people and talk about our uniqueness and individuality and families.
  • We will create obstacle courses to explore different ways of moving.
  • We will create a healthy meal for the gingerbread person.
  • We will also be focusing on building relationships and learning all about our feelings.

Here is our Autumn 1 ‘Dont Stop Me Now!’ topic web.

Autumn One Topic Web

Take a look at the photographs of our fabulous little ones in action… 


Communication and Language Physical Development  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Massage  Gross motor skills – Digging  Colour Monster Text – Exploring feelings 
Listening and responding to others Fine motor skills – threading Hello Yellow Day – Making a self soothe bag

Literacy Maths Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design
Mark making in different textures A human bar graph to show our favourite sandwich filling  Reflecting on The Queen’s death  Junk modelling – selecting and manipulating materials
Exploring books with friends Reading a numeral and counting out that many objects  Testing out our own boats – Will they float?  Dress up and dancing 

Phonics in Reception 

In Reception we teach daily phonics. Phonics is all about how the alphabetic system works and exploring how to apply it in reading and spelling. Here at S.M.I.T.H. we follow Monster Phonics: a systematic approach, meaning that we teach in a logical progression, starting with single letter sounds to enable children to read and spell simple words, leading to consonant digraphs and vowel diagraphs and longer words.

How Monster Phonics Works | Monster Phonics

For more information on our phonic scheme please follow the links below!

Monster Phonics Flyer

Reception Phonics Powerpoint

If you have any questions regarding phonics please see your child’s class teacher.

Early Reading

Here at S.M.I.T.H we want to develop a life long love of reading.

We want our pupils passion and engagement with books to start from an early age. Keep your eyes peeled for our reading challenges – this is where we capture our pupils and their families love of books and reading. It is a lot of fun!

Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA)

This is a short, interactive and practical assessment of your child’s early literacy, communication, language and mathematics skills when they begin school. It is statutory for all schools from September 2021. Your child will be participating in the reception baseline within the first 6 weeks of starting reception. 

PLEASE DON’T WORRY: You do not need to do anything to prepare your child for the assessment. Your child is unlikely to even know that they are doing an assessment when they are completing the tasks.

For more information the link below takes you to the government information for parents pdf. If you have any further questions please speak with your child’s class teacher.

Keeping You Informed

Class Dojo

This is where you will find messages from your child’s class teacher. This updates most frequently and will let parents know about things happening in class such as; day trips, enrichment activities, special events and visitors. This is the most effective and responsive communication tool with your reception teacher.

Please also keep an eye on the school story, on here you will find messages, competitions and school events.

Other ways of Communication

Please register with Parentmail, as we will keep you up to date via texts and emails.

We also have a school twitter account @St_michael_ham where class teachers post pupils work, videos and positive messages for our community.

If you need to contact school the email address: these message will be answered promptly or forwarded to the relevant staff.

Autumn One Topic Web

Autumn One Newsletter 2022

Other Activities to Help your child at Home

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Helping your EYFS child at home with Maths

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