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What can I expect in Reception at SMITH? 

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Autumn 1 

Dont Stop Me Now!

Our main text focus will be ‘The Gingerbread Man!

  • Here we will join in with rhyme and repetition.
  • We will make gingerbread people and talk about our uniqueness and individuality and families.
  • We will create obstacle courses to explore different ways of moving.
  • We will create a healthy meal for the gingerbread person.
  • We will also be focusing on building relationships and learning all about our feelings.

Here is our Autumn 1 ‘Dont Stop Me Now!’ topic web.

Autumn 1 Topic Web

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Communication and Language Physical Development  Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Literacy Maths Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design

Phonics in Reception 

In Reception we teach daily phonics. Phonics is all about how the alphabetic system works and exploring how to apply it in reading and spelling. Here at S.M.I.T.H. we follow Monster Phonics: a systematic approach, meaning that we teach in a logical progression, starting with single letter sounds to enable children to read and spell simple words, leading to consonant digraphs and vowel diagraphs and longer words.

How Monster Phonics Works | Monster Phonics

For more information on our phonic scheme please follow the links below!

Monster Phonics Flyer

Reception Phonics Powerpoint

If you have any questions regarding phonics please see your child’s class teacher.

Early Reading

Here at S.M.I.T.H we want to develop a life long love of reading.

We want our pupils passion and engagement with books to start from an early age. Keep your eyes peeled for our reading challenges – this is where we capture our pupils and their families love of books and reading. It is a lot of fun!

Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA)

This is a short, interactive and practical assessment of your child’s early literacy, communication, language and mathematics skills when they begin school. It is statutory for all schools from September 2021. Your child will be participating in the reception baseline within the first 6 weeks of starting reception. 

PLEASE DON’T WORRY: You do not need to do anything to prepare your child for the assessment. Your child is unlikely to even know that they are doing an assessment when they are completing the tasks.

For more information the link below takes you to the government information for parents pdf. If you have any further questions please speak with your child’s class teacher.

Keeping You Informed

Class Dojo

This is where you will find messages from your child’s class teacher. This updates most frequently and will let parents know about things happening in class such as; day trips, enrichment activities, special events and visitors. This is the most effective and responsive communication tool with your reception teacher.

Please also keep an eye on the school story, on here you will find messages, competitions and school events.

Other ways of Communication

Please register with Parentmail, as we will keep you up to date via texts and emails.

We also have a school twitter account @St_michael_ham where class teachers post pupils work, videos and positive messages for our community.

If you need to contact school the email address: these message will be answered promptly or forwarded to the relevant staff.

Autumn One Topic Web

Autumn One Newsletter 2022

Other Activities to Help your child at Home

Helping your EYFS child at home with Maths

Helping your EYFS child at home with Maths

‘Teach Your Monsters To Read’ FREE online reading activities

‘Teach Your Monsters To Read’