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Spring 1 Curriculum

Reception Curriculum


Come and take a look at all of the exciting things we have been doing this half term in Reception

Last half term was all about Rainbows and colours.

This was our fabulous Rainbow Colour Topic Day. 

We loved making rainbow biscuits. they were yummy! 

We even got to make our own tie dye t-shirts! This was so much fun spraying lots of colours and creating our own designs.

We focused on learning about ourselves and others in our class. We created self portraits, played lots of games in pairs and small groups and looked at things like friendship and being kind to each other. 



Thank you for all of your on going support. Stay safe and well! 🙂 

Miss Knutsen, Mrs Horscroft, Miss Langeveld (Penguins) and Mrs Sayer and Miss Fisher (Seals)  

Other useful information

We follow Monster Phonics as our phonics scheme throughout the school. We also use Jolly Phonics to support the teaching of phase 2 sounds as they use catchy songs. You can google Jolly Phonics Phase 2, for the songs we have learnt. Monster phonics often have free webinars and also some free resources that you can download. Some of their videos are also on youtube.

Please sing lots of nursery rhymes with your child and simple songs. This helps them develop their language, sounds, understanding of rhyme, memory etc

Children tend to be good at rote counting, but less secure at reading numbers. Have a look at numbers around you, on houses, buses, car number plates etc. Then play lots of counting games. Counting nursery rhymes are a great way to start this. You can fidn great ones on the BBC Nursery rhymes page. We play these with the children every day and they are getting really good at them! 🙂


Helping your EYFS child at home with Maths

Helping your EYFS child at home with Maths

‘Teach Your Monsters To Read’ FREE online reading activities

‘Teach Your Monsters To Read’

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The Alphablocks Guide to Phonics
Understand phonics with this super-helpful tool kit for parents!