Music policy document can be found on the School Policies page.

Music Curriculum

Charanga is an exciting computer program which is used across all Key Stages to deliver the teaching of the music curriculum. It ensures continuity of approach and progression in music throughout the school. The school has abundant resources with a wide variety of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, which enhance the teaching of music.

Teaching Music Safely During COVID

We know that music-making is an important part of our students’ education as well as having a huge positive benefit on their well-being. Whilst it is essential to follow the social distancing and general guidance given in our school, it is still possible to adhere to this advice and offer safe and practical music-making opportunities for all the children.


Singing is an integral part of our school. There are two singing clubs within school; Glee, which is open to all junior children, and Young Singing Leaders, which is through audition only. KS1 and KS2 also get the chance to learn fun, new songs during our singing assemblies. Although singing in the classroom may not be allowed, at present, other options such as singing in the playground, humming or singing at home through Charanga and now, via the new home learning platform Yumu, is still accessible. Children can also access a signed version of the main songs that are on Charanga, so that they have the chance to communicate through signing rather than singing.

Playing Instruments

The playing of instruments especially those that are blown such as recorders and other woodwind or brass instruments, are advised against in a classroom setting, however  all year 4 pupils have begun free brass instrument lessons, which include trombones, trumpets, cornets and euphoniums in the school hall, where the children, can continue to play at a safe distance from each other.


The children then have the choice to continue tuition in years 5 and 6 (at a reduced cost). The brass tuition is led by Louise Hough from Resonate, Liverpool’s Music Hub. Children across Key Stage 2 also have the opportunity to play the violin with our peripatetic teacher Lynda Langford and after Christmas, drumming with our peripatetic teacher Aaron McGhee.


Although we cannot, currently, perform collectively, in large groups, we want to remind you that our school has always put music at the heart of our school culture and moving forward, we hope to be able to continue with performing both, within school and in the wider community. We therefore aim, as soon as we are able, to support the development of a school band which may access performances outside of school through the Resonate program.