Our English Curriculum is continually adapting to meet the needs of our pupils. However, the core of our curriculum has been designed to reflect the values of our school.


Safe, Motivational, Inclusive, a Team and Happy

Here at St. Michael in the Hamlet we split our English into 4 sections; Phonics, Oracy, Reading and Writing. Each of these areas work to make a complete and progressive English curriculum starting in our nursery and moving up all the way up to year 6.

Our English policy document can be found on the School Policies page. The policy outlines how we teach English at SMITH.

Autumn English Newsletter

Spring English Newsletter


At St. Michael in the Hamlet Primary School we want to develop a rich reading culture. Our aim is for every child to discover a love of reading that will stay will them throughout their lives.

Each year group uses high quality texts as part of a diverse book spine, which enables the children to experience a multitude of genres.

Each class has an inviting reading area and we have our own school library: children can access both of these at various times during the week.

We absolutely love reading here at S.M.I.T.H.

When we opened our lending library at the start of 2020 we created two reading challenge sheets, KS1 and KS2.  These sheets can be marked off and handed into our library staff to receive your reward. To share reading achievements and challenges we ask parents to add pictures to our school twitter page using the #SMHifyoureadiread. If you don’t have twitter but would like to share your child’s reading success please email pictures the school office at ao@smhsch.co.uk

The Saint Michael in the Hamlet Reading Challenge EYFS KS1

The Saint Michael in the Hamlet Reading Challenge KS2


World Book Day at S.M.I.T.H was a wonderful success! From activities based on the book Chalk, to parades, an author visit, tea with Miss Moreton (AKA Shere Khan) and two family quizzes! We also got some brilliant entries for our Twitter campaign – #SMITHreadingforpleasure. Here are some pictures from the day.

We used the wordless book ‘Chalk’ by Bill Thomson for our English and foundation lessons throughout the whole school – from Nursery all the way up to Year 6!

Miss Moreton enjoyed sharing stories and a cup of tea throughout the day with some of our children who have been trying really hard with their reading this term.

We also ran a twitter campaign throughout the week to share pictures reading in unusual places.

Mollie from 2X!

Here are some of the other brilliant entries – we loved them, thank you so much for taking part!


Spring Phonics Newsletter

Autumn Phonics Newsletter

Phonics policy document can be found on the School Policies page.

We use a variety of creative, modern resources to enable our children to receive high quality education in the areas of Reading and Writing. These include ‘Pathways to write’, ‘Bug Club’, ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ and ‘Monster Phonics’. All children from Nursery to Year 6 access sessions in writing and reading during the week, often linked to the topic the children are working on and structured appropriately for their learning. This includes handwriting sessions, comprehension, spellings and grammar.

In 2020 we introduced Monster Phonics at St. Michael in the Hamlet, this is an award-winning multi-sensory phonics programme. Phonics is delivered using the multisensory and engaging ‘Monster Phonics’ program, which is taught every morning from Nursery through to Year 2. This scheme groups the different letters and sounds into ‘phases’ which are then taught in a systematic way. Children are taught phonics as part of a whole class session each morning but also may be grouped in appropriate phases to enable them to make rapid progress in a smaller group and to build on the letters and sounds that they already know.  Your child’s teacher will tell you which phase they are working on and you can access additional support material online if you would like to practise at home too. If you need any further information please see your child’s class teacher. Please see below for some links to phonics games and further information to support your child with phonics.

SMH Monster Phonics Info Flyer

Reception Monster Phonics overview

Year 1 Monster Phonics overview

Year 2 Monster Phonics overview


How can you help at home with phonics?

⇒      Talk, talk, talk!

⇒      Read to and with your child

⇒       Sing!

⇒       Pronounce sounds and words correctly; for example, the sound is /m/ NOT /muh/ or /mmmmmmm/

⇒       Rhyming and phonics games

⇒       Model blending; for example at the shop I will buy a… /m/ /o/ /p/ – mop

For more support with phonics please see the websites below:

 Monster Phonics Information for Parents

Monster Phonics Free Activities & Worksheets





Oracy Framework at St. Michael in the Hamlet (Poster)

Oracy Framework at St. Michael in the Hamlet

Oracy in St. Michael in the Hamlet (Poster)

Oracy in St. Michael in the Hamlet

Children at St. Michael in the Hamlet are taught the skills to be effective communicators through oracy.

These skills include:

Being able to tell a story

Being able to hold a conversation about a subject of interest

Being able to debate and argue a well-researched opinion.

We believe that these skills are as important as written and mathematical learning and so we have raised the profile of speaking and listening in our school.