Plastics Challenge!

Plastic Challenge!

In 2019, the Eco Team decided they wanted to have a push on plastic. They researched films that they wanted to show the school in assembly and found a slide show about plastic. Have a look at them and then have a look around your house to see how much plastic your family uses.

How could you cut down on the amount of food and drink you use bought in plastic containers or bottles?

Can you think of ways to reuse any plastic bottles or containers you already have?

Could you recycle plastic you can’t reuse?

(Plastic bottles can be recycled in your blue bin. Some supermarkets now recycle plastic bags and have recycling containers outside for recycling plastic food packaging

Crisp Packet Recycling

The Eco Team used their assembly to launch their crisp packet recycling scheme in school. The team are on a rota in the juniors to encourage children having packed lunches to add their empty crisp packets to the collection. We now collect clean crisp packets which we can send off to Terracycle so they can be recycled.

If you have packed lunch in school, can you think of ways to reduce the amount of plastic you have to throw away each day?

Eco-Team “Plastic Challenge Assembly”

Below are PowerPoint slides and videos the Eco-Team used during their “Plastics Challenge” assembly.

“Plastic Assembly” slideshow:

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“Plastic in the Ocean” video:

“The Wonder Of Plastic” video:


Do you accept our challenge to reduce, reuse and recycle as much plastic as you can?