Mrs Robert’s fondness for ferns

A Fondness For Ferns…

I like ferns. I have one in my house, three in the front garden and about thirteen in the back garden, mostly in pots.

One or two of the outside ferns stay green all year round, but most are deciduous. Just like trees they lose their “leaves” and are dormant in the winter.

At the start of Spring they look as if they’ll never become lush green plants ever again. But with enough of what a plant needs – do you know what that is? – they grow new fronds (the name for a fern’s leaves).

This happens fairly quickly – thank goodness! We are going to track the progress of just three of the ferns in my garden: Nettle, Spike and Bomb. Thank you Teegan in 3T for the brilliant names!

I made name tags for all the pots and will check in regularly to see how the three ferns are doing.

This is how they look now…

Two questions…

  1. What do you think Nettle, Spike and Bomb need to grow properly?
  2. How old do you think Nettle, Spike and Bomb are?


Mrs Roberts (and Poppy)      18th April 2020

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