Scool Science club

Welcome to Scool Science Club! It ‘scool to be here, hope you think so too.

While we can’t be in school together Mrs Owen and Mrs McLain thought we’d set you some challenges and activities you can try at home. Each Monday we will try and set a new challenge, and also give you any results or findings from when we carried out the challenge at home. We will try and make activities open-ended, so please adapt them and make them work for you and your family’s interests. Please use whatever resources you have at home, we’re going to avoid using specialist science kit.

We’d love to see what you have been doing at home. Please send any photos or videos to You can also send us your ideas for new challenges, or what we should be investigating. We have an award certificates section at the bottom of this page with downloadable certificates which can be printed out for everyone who takes part, so get those photos coming in.

STEM Challenges, Activities and Ideas


Double Bubble, bubble blowing activity


Peggy Problem, Forces experiment


STEM Clubs Week 2020: Sustainability

Dissecting a Strawberry


Making a Rotating Cardboard Automaton


Music Maker and Hoodie Hearing Challenges

Music Maker and Hoodie Hearing Results

Mrs Owen’s Rocket Mice Experiment

Moving House Challenge

Moving House Challenge Results


Introduction/Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Mrs Robert’s fondness for ferns


Mrs Owen’s STEM Challenge No.2


Microwave Marathon Challenge

Microwave Marathon Challenge Results


Luke & Jacob apply ‘wind’ force to card bugs


Mrs Owen’s STEM Challenge No.1

Mrs Owen’s STEM Challenge No.1 Solution

Challenge Certificates

Challenge Certificate awarded on completing one challenge

Challenge Certificate awarded on completing three challenges

Challenge Certificate awarded on completing five challenges