Year 5 – Autumn 1 Curriculum

Rebel and Daredevils !

Science: We will plan and conduct fair tests to investigate forces such as gravity and will also be learning about reversible and irreversible change and separating mixtures. History: We will learn about time and chronology and how civilisations used land for successful settlements. We will be exploring Ancient Mayan civilisation. Geography: Linking to history, our learning will be based on comparing rural and urban landscapes. We will also learn about regions in North America, considering biomes and climate types. PHSEE and RE: Our big focus will be on safety and wellbeing amidst the current global situation. Alongside this, we will consider teamwork. We will be learning about creation stories. English: We are starting to use a new writing scheme, called Pathways to Writing. We will be exploring the book ‘Queen of the Falls’ by Chris Van Allsburg. After immersing ourselves in the story, exploring vocabulary and developing key grammatical knowledge, we will plan and write from different perspectives. Maths: We will look at place value and number, working with numbers around one million. We will refresh and place importance on basic skills including the four operations and times tables. The children will develop their skills in fluency and reasoning and will be covering topics such as statistic and measure (area and perimeter). Art: We will be developing our understanding of tone, colour and sketching skills. Our artist focus over this term will be Jane Ray. Music: In music we will be looking at developing knowledge of rhythm and pitch and will be focusing on classic rock and jazz. Computing: Our main focus for this half term is internet safety and identifying trustworthy sources. We will also be looking at how to code, using block coding. PE: In PE the children will be playing team games to develop communication and strategy skills. We will be using indoor hall time for yoga.