Year 4 Autumn 2 Curriculum

Year 4 Autumn 2 Curriculum Map: Into The Unknown

Music: Performing and composing. All children will be allocated a brass instrument. Lessons will take place on Wednesday mornings. This is part of our curriculum and there will be no cost to parents’. Religious Education (R.E): Our R.E topic for this half term is ‘How is Christmas celebrated in other countries? We will be filming our Christingle celebration. Physical Education (P.E) Gymnastics: Children will be performing a range of rolls, jumps and turns with control. To perform in small groups. Children need to include speed, level, direction and a variety of different shapes with smooth planned actions. Art/DT: To create and design a musical instrument. To use ‘Wonderpark’ to design a fairground game. Computing: Digital Literacy: Children will be creating a circus world using Minecraft EDU. Geography: We will be researching and exploring environmental issues around the world. We will also be learning about rivers and the effects they have on the landscape. Science: Our topic for this half term is ‘Sound’ the children will describe high and low sounds finding sounds all around them. We will` discover that sound is a type of energy. Sounds are created by vibrations. Sound travels as a wave, vibrating particles. We will change the pitch and amplitude of sounds. We will investigate materials which can absorb sound. Finally, the children will make their own musical instruments. History: Stone Age introduction- Timeline. To start explore the three time periods: Palaeolithic Period (Old Stone Age) Mesolithic Period (Middle Stone Age) Neolithic Period (New Stone Age) (30,000 BCE- 3,000 BCE) History: African Kingdoms We will be learning about the Kingdom of Benin and other West African Kingdoms. Literacy: Key texts: Leon and The Place Between (Graham Baker Smith) / The Lost Lost-Property Office (Roger McCough) Our focus for this half term is a recount diary and to write a group list poem and to perform it. We will continue to extend our vocabulary using words and phrases that capture the reader’s interest and imagination. Using nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, alliteration and hyperbole when creating poetry. To include fronted adverbials and prepositional phrases when writing a diary recount. Maths: We will be continuing to recap on the four operations within maths and basic number skills. We are starting to use the grid method and partitioning for multiplication. The children will be learning to use column addition and column subtraction of 2-3 digit numbers. To change fractions to decimals and back again. Doubling and halving 3-digit numbers. We will also be converting grams, kilograms centimetres and millimetres. To find perimeters of regular and irregular shapes. We will also be finding and simplifying fractions. Learning multiplication tables 6x, 12x, 9x and division facts. Well-Being: We are going to be continuing with our mindfulness activities and Cosmic Yoga. PSHE: SAFETY FIRST: Choices to stay safe and healthy. Children will learn to make good choices to stay safe and healthy. To identify risky situations and to act responsibly. To ask for help to resist peer pressure. How to stay safe near the road.