Phonics phase 2 sounds

Listening to and identifying different sounds in the environment is very important. 

  • We explored night time animals – listen carefully to the animal sounds here. Can you guess what they are? the video will reveal it afterwards. Good luck!


  • Here is a phonics video by Mr Thorne, showing you lots of words with the p sound in it. Listen carefully.

  • Now it’s your turn – can you go around your house and find objects with the p sound in it – this can be at the beginning like paper, and potato or in the middle like apple. Happy exploring. 

  • Now, have a go at tracing the p sound using lots of different colours. Ask your adult to trace it on your back so you can feel the shape that the p makes.


  • Settle down now to watch this short Alphablocks clip, focusing on the p sound. 

  • Nursery rhyme time:  Our song today is ‘I’m a little teapot’. Join in with the actions.