Philosophy for Children (P4C)

P4C policy document can be found on the School Policies page.

What is P4C?

P4C (philosophy for children) is a way of learning that encourages children to raise questions and think deeply. It helps children to communicate confidently and effectively and to think independently. Through P4C enquiries, children become conscious of the feelings of others; learning to share their ideas and listen to others respectfully.  The teachers at St Michael in the Hamlet facilitate a safe learning environment, where every child’s input – minimal or detailed – is valued and appreciated.  We aim to use P4C in all areas of the curriculum and we have seen brilliant results since we first started using it in 2013.

In January 2018, we were awarded the Silver P4C award and are aiming to get gold within the next couple of years. We are only the second school in Liverpool to receive this prestigious award. You can read a copy of each report in the section below.

P4C Silver Award Report – January 2018

Please have a look at these P4C questions, in the link below, which you can discuss with the whole family.

‘Philosophy For Children’ Question of the month !

The 4 C’s

Children at St Michael in the Hamlet are encouraged to use different ways of thinking. The 4 Cs are displayed in every classroom; to remind children how to be a P4C thinker. The 4 Cs generally form the ethos/spirit of our enquiries.

Caring – listening and valuing, concentrating, validating and appreciating.
Collaborative – responding, encouraging and communicating.
Creative – connecting, suggesting, speculating and alternating.
Critical – questioning, reasoning, interrogating and evaluating.

Examples of P4C in Our School

P4C in Early Years and KS1 is very interactive! Year 1 headed to the Wild Garden to decide whether they would prefer to live in a cold place or a hot place as part of their new topic. They also chose their favourite artwork by voting with their feet – an easy and popular P4C activity.

Here are some P4C enquiries that cover a range of subjects across our curriculum. The children in Year 2 have used P4C and Oracy sentence stems to share their thoughts on the topics.
Children in Upper KS2 are becoming very proficient at using the 4 Cs. This group of children were discussing different crimes and ordering them from most serious to least serious. From this discussion, the class generated and chose their own questions then used a boxing debate to pull out the key talking points.