Living in the Wider World

The Living in the Wider World strand focuses on the following topics:


Rights and Responsibilities



During Spring Term Years 1,3 and 5 will explore the topic ‘Diverse Britain’

Year 1  

Children learn about community, being good neighbours and looking after the environment. They
will also learn about Britain, what it means to be British, about diversity and the importance of celebrating and being respectful of our differences.

Home Learning Tasks

Helping My Community Activity Sheet

Year 3

Children in Year 3 will learn about British people, rules, the law, liberty and what living
in a democracy means. They also learn about the importance of being tolerant of differences within their society.

Home Learning Tasks

 My Britain activity sheet


Year 5

Children learn about the law and the consequences of not respecting it. They will also learn about the workings of local and national government and the role of charities and voluntary groups in British society.

Home Learning Tasks

Local Government activity sheet