History Newsletter Autumn 1 

History policy document can be found on the School Policies page.

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future!”- Theodore Roosevelt (Former American President)

“History belongs in the past; but understanding it is the duty of the present!”- Shashi Tharoor (Indian politician and writer)

History in S.M.I.T.H  

Our History curriculum at provides our children with a broad and balanced understanding of History. We aim to inspire, motivate and engage all children throughout the school and inspire them to be curious about the past.

We are passionate about children learning about a range of topics and understanding world history as well as British and local history. We want children to appreciate different viewpoints on historical events and to consider the reasons different people may have different points of view and respect them.

What we are looking at in Summer Term!

Year 1- We are looking at the lives of significant people that have contributed to our society.

Year 2- We are going to be completing a local history study of the woodland area near our school.

Year 3- We are going to be comparing different ancient civilisations such as The Ancient Greeks, The Shang Dynasty to the Iron and Stone age times.

Year 4- We are going to continue their in depth study of Ancient Rome and it’s invasion of Britain.

Year 5- We are looking at the Ancient Islamic Kingdom and the importance Baghdad played in the development of modern society.

Year 6- We are continuing to look at the Industrial Revolution and how it impacted Britain.







This is a piece of work from 4F where the children were looking at the different types of pyramids being built in Ancient Egypt!
This is a piece of work from 6N looking at the Allies and Axis sides of World War 2!