EYFS – Mama Built a Little Nest

So far we have put up 6 pictures.

Here’s another 2, thanks to JACOB from Penguins, for sending in his WONDERFUL pieces of WORK on The Beatles topic. And also EMILY from Penguins, showing off her BRILLIANT BAKING skills!!  What SUPERSTARS! Well Done! 🙂 

So what are YOU waiting for? Send, Send, Send to see some more!  ?

Can you scrunch up your face and look through one beady eye like Miss Knutsen? 

Can you pout your lips and squish them in, just like Miss Bentham?

EMILY  from Penguins, being  a master  chef,  showing  off  her  BRILLIANT BAKING  skills!  🙂


Have a go at this cosmic yoga before we move onto learning all about BIRDS…

  • We are going to kick start the birds topic with a song called ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles, covered here by the Beat Bugs. 

  • MUSIC – Who loves listening and dancing away to music? Did you know there are so many ways that you can listen to music and it has changed so much over the years! We have 2 videos for you to watch. The first one below is all about LPs. Do you know what this means? Have you ever seen one? Watch this video to find out the answer.
  • Challenge: Can you find something circle shaped that you can draw round? You could use a bowl from the kitchen…

Draw round it on a piece of paper and there you have your own LP.

Now pick your favourite Beatles song and design your own music cover for it! Don’t forget to write the name of the song on it so people know what it is.

We have listened to these 6 songs so far and you may know others too! 

              1. Yellow Submarine,
              2. Eleanor Rigby,
              3. Lonely Rita Meter,
              4. Strawberry Fields Forever,
              5. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,
              6. and finally Octopus’s Garden
  • The 2nd video shows you modern ways of listening to music. What do you notice about a LP and a CD? How are they the same? How are they different? Talk about it with an adult.
  • Now we are moving on to our focus story this week called ‘Mama built a little Nest’, read by the lovely Mrs Horscroft. Do you know what might live in a nest? … Listen carefully and then try out all of the different activities below.
  • We have got some fantastic footage for you to watch… take a look…


How about trying to make your own nest?

Click on this link to see how you do it! 

Nest Building

  • There are lots of different types of birds. This video is going to show you some.

  • Here are some other birds and their distinctive sounds. 

  • Watch this video to learn some interesting facts about birds. 

  • What is your favourite species of bird? CHALLENGE: Send in a photograph of yourself holding up the name of your favourite species of bird and maybe even a picture of it if you have one! Then Miss Knutsen will create a pictogram using all of your pictures and see which bird comes out as the most popular!


  • Now this is exciting! Come and have a go at making a BIG BIRD puppet! The super talented Mrs Horscroft will show you how… 
  • What things would you find in a garden? Can you tell someone / write a list of all the different things you
  • What things would you find in a garden? Can you tell someone / write a list of all the different things you can see in a garden. If you have a garden, go and have a look to help remind you or look at these pictures below. What can you see?
  • What would you want your garden to be like? Can you draw your own garden for any animal(s) and label it.

  • Pot of Gold activity: Our Cosmic Yoga story today is called ‘Nelson the Pigeon’. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy all of the activities above! Enjoy the weekend and we’ll have more for you to do on Monday. Take care, stay safe, and play!

Best wishes from Mrs Sayer; Miss Fisher; Miss Maddison; Miss Knutsen; Mrs Horscroft; Miss Langeveld.