Online Safety Curriculum 2018 – 2019

Computing Curriculum Policy 2019 – 2020


ICT in school is now evolving and moving into new areas where children can learn and understand, in more detail, COMPUTING and COMPUTER SCIENCE as well as ONLINE-SAFETY and ICT COMPUTER SKILLS. Previously these skills were only encountered when using ‘ROAMER’ (Floor Turtle), ‘LOGO’ (Screen Turtle) and ‘Smart Learning (learning platform)’ in KS2 and ‘BEEBOT’ (Floor Turtle) and ‘Smart Learning’ in KS1.

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Computing and Computer Science is introduced to children in St. Michael-in-the-Hamlet using a coding package called ‘Espresso Coding’ which is produced by ‘Espresso Primary’.

Espresso Coding features:
A comprehensive Scheme of Work linked to Computing Curriculum

  • 70+ step-by step lessons and tablet-friendly activities for pupils to create apps
  • Free code lessons and open-ended challenges
  • Debugging lessons to help pupils problem solve
  • A bespoke website area where apps can be published and shared
  • An introduction to coding using elements of JavaScript (an industry standard)
  • Short, helpful video guides for children to help and guide them along the way
  • Oh, not forgetting, it’s FUN to use and make apps and games with !

Espresso Coding Games & Apps

Try out some simple games created using Espresso Coding by clicking the links below (opens in new window). Keep checking back for new games and tougher levels as more games are added here. To kick off here are a few games to whet your appetite. Keyboard controls are displayed bottom left, enjoy.

Bumper Boat (level 1)
A simple short game where the object is to reach the flag. To make it a little trickier a water current will push against the boat, often pushing it onto rocks which will set the boat back further.

Space Bubble Pop Game
Pop as many bubbles as possible in only 60 seconds. Watch out though, you must avoid being eaten by a space alien while steering clear of planetoids and moons. It’s an early exit for you if you don’t

Paddle Pinball
Score as many points as you can with three balls and one paddle.

Moving on to more advanced coding

SCRATCH, by MIT Media Lab, is a computer software AND tablet app. Scratch has a similar ‘drag and drop’ format, to Espresso Coding. Scratch covers, then builds on, skills already gained using Espresso allowing for even more interesting apps to be created.

Number Guessing Game
Here’s an example of a simple guessing game, written in scratch object code, where the player has to guess a number chosen at random between 1 and 100 by an on screen character.

There are 2 ‘costumes’ for the on screen character, one with hand on hip while asking to guess the number, the other with thumbs up if the number guessed is correct.


This all takes place on a background of a stone age cave wall