2016 Learning Walk

2016 Learning Walks

Our Governing body recently took a Learning Walk around our school. The Governing body oversee the strategic operation of the school so it is important that they have a clear, first hand understanding of how school works and how children are learning, and see the progress the children make from Nursery to Year 6.

At the end of the walk the Governors chat with the Head and The Deputy about what they have seen and can raise any questions and discuss how well the school is doing particularly in working towards the areas we have outlined in our annual school improvement plan.

This half term the Learning Walk focused on safeguarding. Here are some of the Governors’ comments.

‘The focus is very much on working together to make the school environment safe, not just ticking boxes’

‘School is a very happy and safe place, and safeguarding overall is excellent.’

‘Children’s views and feelings are sought and there is an inclusive Buddy system.’

‘Systems and routines are very effective to keeps the children and the adults safe.’

‘Children are happy and courteous … Rights Respecting School displays and charters show how important their rights are, as well as helping to keep them safe.’

The Leadership Team asked the Governors to reflect on any areas where they felt we could continue to develop. They highlighted some maintenance work on the blinds in the Junior hall which was carried out immediately and asked for First aid areas to be refurbished. They also suggested that we involve the children in a safeguarding working group particularly to look at creating child friendly posters to remind all the children how they can keep safe.