Year 6 – Autumn 2 Curriculum

Going Global: Year 6 Autumn 2

English: Texts – Can we save the tiger? By Martin Jenkins. A tiger in the Zoo - by Leslie Norris. We have two ‘Pathways to Write’ units this half term. The first will aim to develop our report writing. We will write an independent version of a booklet based on an amazing animal (hybrid text type including information, explanation and persuasion). The second unit will explore poetry. The outcome will be to write a poem in a chosen form about an endangered mammal, choosing whether to describe the creature in its natural habitat or in captivity. PE: As a cohort, Year 6 have decided to use a theme as a base to create a dance around. They will work on routines, rhythm and synchronisation individually and as part of a unit. Computing: This half term, Year 6 will be using Microsoft Excel to learn about inputting data into spreadsheets. This links into our Maths for Autumn 2 for data handling and statistics. Music: Music will take on a different form for Year 6 this year. This half term we will be able to perform parts from memory, take the lead in a performance and compose using Use a variety of different musical devices. Science: This half term we will finish our work on evolution and inheritance. We will conduct an experiment based around Charles Darwin’s finches; found on the Galapagos Islands. Towards Christmas, we will look into sources of light. Maths: This term, we will continue to build up our arithmetic skills for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These four operations will also be important to use with fractions. Year 6 will look at fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents, as well as finding fractions of amounts. Towards Christmas, we will also look at statistics and data handling. Year 6 will have regular access to problem solving and reasoning questions alongside these subject areas. D.T – Building Bridges: This half term, Year 6 will research different bridge structures before designing and creating their own in groups. Geography & History: As our history topic took a lot of our time in Autumn 1, Geography will be our main focus this half term. We will learn all about climate zones, time zones and the tropics. PSHE – Safety First: Year 6 will consider what it means to take responsibility for their own safety, including the decisions they make and how they can stand up to peer pressure in a range of situations. They will assess the risk associated with different situations and learn about what to do if they feel in danger. They will also learn about how to identify an emergency, what to do in this situation and how to get help when needed. Children will look at e-Safety in more detail, including social media, considering what should never be shared and how to report any concerns with incidents online.