Tasty Tuesday Activities

Ensuring we eat a healthy balanced diet rich in nutrients and vegetables can help to improve our sense of wellbeing. There are many different ways to help your child to develop a more mindful, healthy relationship with food. Below are a range of different ideas, but please free free to try your own. Remember to Tweet or email us your amazing efforts.


You could:

  • design and cook a healthy dish (see below for recipe ideas)
  • allow your children to help when shopping for groceries
  • plan meals for the week ahead
  • learn about the different food groups and how to understand food labels
  • learn about the different vitamins and minerals



Tomato Bruschetta

Oliver’s Vegetable Soup

Lovely Leek & Potato Soup

Hummus Snack_

Superhero Red and Yellow Smoothie

Superhero Red, White and Blue Smoothie

Superhero Green Smoothie

Veg Tastic Smoothie

Chicken Chow Mein



Additional Support

NHS – Eat Well Guide 

KS1 Healthy Eating Class Clips

Healthy Eating Clip  – Tommy’s Choice (Part 1)

Healthy Eating Clip – Tommy’s Choice (Part 2) 

KS2 Healthy Eating Class Clips

Healthy Eating Food Journal



Childrens Hydration Guide_