Move it!


Move it!

This activity is all about moving and maybe getting dizzy!

Have a look at what Mrs Horscroft was getting up to with her family on a hill in one of our gorgeous parks…

Make your own Obstacle Course!

  1. Pick a space in which to play (inside, outside, or both).
  2. Set up a “course” or lots of physical challenges to get from “here to there.”
  3. Include each of the following:
1 Something to go over (e.g piece of wood, box, couch, pillow mountain, stack of books, bucket)

2 Something to walk along (e.g. coil of rope, stretched out ribbon, strip of tape, row of pillows, line of coins, line of rocks)

3 Something to go under (e.g. table, low tree branch, bush, blanket or sheet draped over two objects, a tunnel made of boxes or sticks)
4 Something to balance on (stack of books, one foot, a log, an uneven rock, two branches in a cross shape, broom handle)

5 Something you have to get into a container (e.g. ball into a pan, pebbles into a box, stuffed animal into a basket, a smaller box into a bigger box, a rock inside a circle made of twigs)

6 Don’t forget to use different ways to move from here to there (e.g. stamp, jump, spin, roll, kick, crawl, hop, tiptoe, “fly,” lunge)

Now challenge yourself and other people to have a go!

Did you know you have 2 secret senses that help you move about? Click on this link to find out more about them and to discover lots of exciting ideas you can try to keep you and your family moving this summer!

How could you ‘move it’ with your family?