EYFS – Tadpoles to Frogs

  • Let’s jump right in and start with our exercise video. This time it’s the CRAZY FROG! Parents’ you might remember this song! ( sorry! 🙂

Can you remember the focus sound from last week?

That’s right ‘ee’.

What words have the ee sound in the middle of it ?

How about at the end of a word?

Can you write these down, just like Arthur did with the sh sound? 

  • Watch this video to sound out and read some more words with the ee sound in it.

  • Here are 2 short cartoons by the Alphablocks telling you about the ee sound

  • Now we are going to learn a new sound ‘oa’. Can you think of any words that start with the oa sound? Last week we learnt a lot about something that you travel on water in which has the ‘oa’ sound in it. What is it? … That’s right, a   b – oa – t … boat! 🙂 
  • So let’s dive right in to discover more about the ‘oa’ sound that you find in the middle of words. Let’s start by watching these two videos. Maybe you can try to write a list of the words as you hear them in the videos.
  • Download the oa flashcards. You can stick them around your house or you can play a game where you lay them all face down and take turns to turn over a word and read it out loud.       


  • PAIRS :Have a go at this matching pairs game. There is a record sheet if you want to write the words down too. 

oa – matching-Pairs-Game                      oa-Word-Record-Sheet

  • SENTENCE WRITING:This is a tricky one! Can you have a go at reading and then copying the sentence underneath? You can also draw a picture to match the sentence in the box. 

oa Sentence-Writing

  • Counting time – Watch this video and count up to 20!

  • Nursery rhyme time. We have a great version of5 little speckled frogs’. Sing along. 
  • Now copy Coach Josh doing the 5 Little Speckled Frogs too.

Here is the first lot of funny face photos as promised. Thanks to Albie and Rose for their pictures last week. 

Can you guess what Mrs Sayer is holding in her mouth?

Can you guess who this teacher is in disguise ? 

  • Let’s jump right in and start with an exercise video with Mrs Sayer again. Get that body moving and shake it all out! 
  • PHONICS RECAP : oa sound in the middle of words like ‘b oa t – boat’.

  • Let’s keep with the theme and do some frog jumps now! 

  • STORY TIME – Have you guessed what our focus is this week? FROGS! But they are not born as frogs … We are going to learn all about a life cycle of a frog. We will start with two different book readings. One by Mrs Horscroft. She is reading a book called Tadpoles by Julia Donaldson. Then another by Miss Knutsen. Sit comfortably and we will begin. 🙂

We have so many things for you to get stuck into this week. Have fun everyone! 🙂 

  • First of all come up close and take a look inside Mrs Horscroft’s pond. What do you see? What do you think is going to happen next? Mrs Horscroft will send us a new video to look at next week! I wonder if it will look the same…
  • Sing this nursery rhyme to the tune of Frere Jaques. 

  • FROG LIFE CYCLES – Can you draw the different stages of a tadpole turning into a frog onto pebbles, or paper. Mrs Horscroft will show you how to do it. There is a booklet you can trace over and put together too. Just click this link —                   frog-fold-up-book

Look at LEO from Penguin’s FANTASTIC FROG life cycle. He used play dough and then wrote the key words to tell you each stage of the life cycle in his diagram. Well done! 🙂 

Look at JESSICA from Penguin’s FANTASTIC FROG life cycle. She used pebbles and decorated them to show you each stage of the life cycle.Well done! 🙂 

LUCIENNE from Seals created a FABULOUS frog life cycle wheel. Well done! 🙂 

  • Have a go at segmenting and blending these words with Miss Bentham using your own FROG VOICE. You will need to listen carefully to the sounds. Can you have a go at writing them down on paper – maybe you could write words on some lily pad drawings – you could cut out some paper into circles for this and colour them in green, or how about using a green pen to write with?

Now it’s your hunting time… Can you use your frog voice in your house to name different things? ? Off you go…


  • Try out this excellent adding up activity. You need to match each pair of frogs to their correct Lily pad.

Hoppy Frog Math

  • This next addition game – you roll two dice and add them together to find the total . Then can you find that number on the sheet? Once you do, colour it in! You can play this on your own or with someone else. 

Roll add and colour in

  • Use the frog cards to add them together to make the total number you can see on each log. There are lots of different ways you can make a total by adding different numbers together. Happy exploring.


  • Baking time – Who likes eating yummy pancakes? Miss Bentham filmed herself making some yummy pancakes for breakfast this morning. Take a look… they are yummy! 


  • Do you like jumping? Well have a go at playing the  Lily pad FROG JUMPING game.                                   You can use a dice to tell you how many jumps to do or you can listen to what numbers gets shouted out to you then jump that many times. HAPPY JUMPING!


  • How about a game of MUSICAL FROG STATUES? Dot some lily pads around the space and when the music stops, jump onto the closest lily pad and do your best landing freeze pose! 


  • LETTER FAMILY – Can you match the correct Upper case Capital letter to it’s Lower case letter? 


  • Here are some pictures that your child can use to make up their own frog stories or play with it using some play dough.            frog-pond-play-dough-set


  • Have a movie night with your family to watch Disney’s ‘The Princess and the frog’? 


  • Here is ‘The Frog Prince’ tale. 

Pot of Gold activity: I sure have missed doing cosmic yoga at the end of the school day with you all. Here is a video about a frog called Frank. Enjoy! 


  • Click here to see some cool water play activities. 

Water Play 2