EYFS – Explore The Beatles Week 2


Here is the lovely Mrs Madisson. Can you pull tongues too? 


Before we jump in to do our usual Monday exercises, learn a new phonics sound, do some Maths and learn a new Nursery Rhyme,  we have some more Beatles treats for you! 🙂 


  • NOW everyone, you are in for a TREAT… We have another lot of photo entries … but they are not from a child… it’s from our very own Mrs Sayer! She went on a short day trip to visit her daughter Katy, who lives in LONDON, as she hadn’t seen her in a couple of months. Whilst they were there, they decided to go on a trip round some of the famous landmarks to do with The Beatles

Mrs Sayer mimicking The Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

This is Abbey Road Studios. 

Mrs Sayer added our own cultural contribution to the studio graffiti wall.
  • Challenge: Can you have a go at writing your name in graffiti style? Maybe someone can draw it for you or use the computer to get an outline and then you can use you colours to design it. This website called Graffiti creator is cool for making your name, using the font aerosol. Here is our class names from it:

ARTHUR from Penguins with his fantastic GRAFFITI design. Well Done Arthur this is great!


Lots more children are getting involved now and showing us their SUPER PIECES OF WORK. This is AMAZING. Please keep sending them in. 🙂 A big WELL DONE to the ADULTS at home too for keeping in contact with us. We love seeing all of the children’s work. Thank you 🙂 

  • Jump right in and start with exercise video. Miss Bentham is exercising to one of her favourite Beatles tracks called ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-la-da’ 
  • Now have a listen to this song again by the wonderful Beat Bugs. 

  • Watch this awesome video as our very own John Lennon goes on a tour with Mrs Horscroft! Look carefully to see if you recognise any of the famous landmarks.
  • Now let’s jump into our phonics! RECAP TIME: Can you remember the focus sound from last week? That’s right ‘or’. Can you remember some words with the or sound in it? Repeat these words in the video.

Now we are going to learn a new sound. So let’s dive right in to discover the ‘oi’ sound. What do you need for seeds when you are going to plant them? …   That’s right soil …    s –  oi  – l ! 🙂 

  • Watch this video from Discovery Espresso to learn more about the ‘oi’ sound

Now have a go at these different activities. If you don’t have a printer, you can write the words and draw the pictures.

  • Here are some or flashcards. Can you sound them out?           oi-Flashcards


  • Here is a video from Monster Phonics where Tricky Witch shows us the recipe for making the ‘oi’ sound. Where does the ‘oi’ sound appear in all of these words? 
  • Click on this audio link to hear Tricky Witch telling children about the new sound ‘oi’. Can you try and write the words with the oi sound in it as you hear them this time. 
  • COLOUR AND READ: This game is all about recognising real and nonsense words. This can be done as a colouring in sheet as they sound out each word and decide if it is real or nonsense or it can be turned into a game by cutting up the words, turning a word card over, sounding it out, deciding if it is real or nonsense. If it real they can keep it, if it is nonsense they can scrunch it up and throw it into a bin (cup/ bowl/ bucket) 


  • Here is a workbook all about the sound ‘oi’. It includes reading, writing, colouring and drawing. 



  • Here is the famous Geraldine the Giraffe. Watch this video and then go on a hunt around your house to try and find different items that have the oi sound in it. 

  • For our Maths lesson this week, Mrs Sayer has made a film using her guitars. 

  • Pot of Gold activity: It’s Nursery Rhyme Time! 🙂 Here is our song for the week called ‘Sing a song of sixpence’. 

Here is another action song to join in with.

  • Before we move on to The Beatles – Week 2, have a go at this exercise activity by Coach Josh. 

So we are learning more about ‘The Beatles’ this week. Jump right in and get ready to sing, dance and get messy

  • Listen to Yellow Submarine again by The Beat Bugs. 

  • Do you remember Mrs Sayer’s reading of the Yellow Submarine last week? Well, Mrs Sayer has photographed all of the pages of the book so that you can read it yourself here. HAPPY READING!

   Yellow Submarine bookpdf

  • Why not try making a yellow submarine from junk modelling. Or how about making 3D models of the yellow sub with lego or mobilo or other building blocks or items you may have in your house. Talk about the names of  2D and 3D shapes they are using to build their model.
  • Do you think any of the yellow subs you have made will float ? Why or why not? Can you test it to see if your correct? 

JACOB’S wonderful lego model of a yellow submarine AND the water too! I’g going to call it The River Mersey! 🙂 What a fabulous idea! 

Mrs Horscroft’s daughter, Gemma, with her junk modelling version of the Yellow Sub. How fantastic! It looks just like the real thing! 

Check out JOSEPH from Turtles AMAZING Yellow Submarine drawing! Well done 🙂

  • The Beatles did another song called ‘Octopuses Garden’. Ringo Starr says the words for you to say it along with him. Listen carefully then play it back again and try and say it along with him. 

  • Now have a listen to the song without words. What musical instruments do you think you can hear? How does it make you feel? 

  • Listen again to the Kidz Bop singing the song. This time get up, dance, sing and have fun.

  • MUSIC – Who loves listening and dancing away to music? Did you know there are so many ways that you can listen to music and it has changed so much over the years! We have 2 videos for you to watch. The first one below is all about LPs. Do you know what this means? Have you ever seen one? Watch this video to find out the answer.
  • Challenge: Can you find something circle shaped that you can draw round? You could use a bowl from the kitchen…

Draw round it on a piece of paper and there you have your own LP.

Now pick your favourite Beatles song and design your own music cover for it! Don’t forget to write the name of the song on it so people know what it is.

We have listened to these 6 songs so far and you may know others too! 

              1. Yellow Submarine,
              2. Eleanor Rigby,
              3. Lonely Rita Meter,
              4. Strawberry Fields Forever,
              5. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,
              6. and finally Octopus’s Garden

ROSE from Penguins designed her music cover for Octopus’s Garden! Great work.

  • The 2nd video shows you modern ways of listening to music. What do you notice about a LP and a CD? How are they the same? How are they different? Talk about it with an adult.


  • The National Geographic kids channel created this excellent video to tell you some cool facts. 

  • Have you ever watched The Octonauts? Watch this to learn about octopuses. 

  • Here is a video to learn 7 fun facts about octopuses. Watch it up to 4 min 30. 

  • Octopuses have 8 arms. Here is a picture of an octopus.

    Can you draw 8 pictures:  on each arm, telling us all about you – what you are good at, what you love doing, about your family etc.

    Can you label each picture by writing what it is going up each arm. 


  • MATHS CHALLENGE  – NUMBER 8.  Print off this sheet and practice your number 8.       8 octopus

       – Can you find 8 things that are all the same?

      – Can you find 8 things that are round like a circle or a sphere?

      – Can you find 8 things that are white? 

      – Go and collect 8 different items from around your house that you like.

         Lay them out and talk about why you  like them? Can you get each item from a different room? 


  • How about re using your toilet roll holder to make an octopus. Its so easy. Just watch this video then have a go. 

  • Now your octopus will need a home! This video shows you ideas of how to make an ‘Octopuses garden’. Have a go yourself using any spare boxes and any bits and pieces you may have spare in your house. Don’t forget to include different sea creatures and plants. 

The superstar JACOB from 
Penguins has created a SENSATIONAL SEA habitat with an octopus in it! Amazing! 
  • Mrs Sayer shows you her Octopuses Garden here. How about trying it out yourself. 
  • Watch this episode below to learn about octopuses, squids and other sea creatures. 


  • Pot of Gold activity: Let’s finish off with our fabulous Cosmic Yoga. Today’s story is called ‘Nibs the Octopus’. 

  • CHALLENGE: Following on from our Beatles theme and Mrs Sayer’s trip to London, we are asking if you can get a photo on a zebra crossing, just like The Beatles album cover for Abbey Road? If you can have a go, please remember to make sure that it is SAFE and there is NO TRAFFIC
  • Maybe you could make a zebra crossing in your house using sheets, paper or other items from your house. You could even paint a zebra crossing! Get creative and have a go! 

The Beatles Album Cover

Mrs Sayer’s compilation of her crossing Abbey Road on the zebra crossing.