Music Maker and Hoodie Hearing

Music Maker and Hoodie Hearing

This week in Scool Science club we are finding out about sound.

We will be using ideas from Crest Awards.

We will use Music Maker (pages 30-31) from the document available here: All Star Challenges.

Click the picture below to view the “Music Maker” challenge at full size.

Hoodie Hearing

Hoodie Hearing on pages 92-93, from the document available here: All Super Star Challenges.

Click the picture below to view the “Hoodie Hearing” challenge at full size.

Each activity has an Organiser Card, which helps adults think about what you need and how to stay safe, and an Activity Card which sets up a real life context for the science investigation.

I haven’t got any glass bottles at home, so I had a go at putting different amounts of water in identical glasses and then tapping them.


Broken glass can be dangerous.

Be careful how hard you tap it!

I’ve put some green food colouring in the water to make it easier to see.

How else could you change this investigation?

How about changing the liquid?

Or changing the thickness of the glass?

There are lots more ideas for homemade instruments in the video below:

First, try the challenge on the card. Try covering your ears in different ways and see how loud a sound needs to be to hear it.


Cover your ears, don’t push anything into your ear, it might get stuck.

It’s a good idea to use something that you can control the volume of to make the sound, a mobile phone works well.

You can try some other hearing investigations too:

  • What happens when you move nearer or further away from the sound?
  • Can you be a spy, and work out how to hear someone in a different room?
  • How would you stop someone practising a musical instrument in one room from disturbing other people in the house?
  • Can you make something that helps you to hear better?
  • Are all sounds equally easy to hear? Does changing the pitch of a sound (how high or low it is) change how easy it is to hear? Are some letter sounds or words easier to hear than others?
  • What is the loudest sound you can make with your body?
  • Or can you think of your own investigation?

Can’t wait to see all your brilliant ideas.