Mrs Robert’s fondness for ferns, week 2

A Fondness for Ferns – week 2

Well, how do you think Nettle, Spike and Bomb have got on?

Were the conditions right for them to grow? How could I help them?

You’ll be pleased to learn that all three are doing well. They are not all growing at the same rate and because it’s been so warm and sunny, I’ve had to give them a bit of help.

Did you know what they need to grow properly?

Yes, sunlight and water. We’ve had lots and lots of sunlight, but no rain, so I’ve had to get the watering can out every night. See for yourself how they are doing now.
Poor Bomb is a bit slower than the others, but he’s made a good start and should catch up soon.

FERN FACT – Spike, Nettle and Bomb are over 20 years old!

Mrs Roberts (and Poppy)   25th April 2020

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