Moving House Challenge: Results

Moving House – The Results

All this jelly testing was lots of fun, but very messy and very slippy.

This is what Mrs McLain found when she tested her jellies:

Plain jelly with no reinforcement

This jelly fell to pieces when a small bowl, weighing 162g was placed on top of it.

Jelly reinforced with pasta

This jelly would hold up a bowl of oats weighing 267g. It was the most stable jelly, with lots of reinforcement.

Jelly reinforced with strings

The bowl slid off the jelly, which immediately sprang back to its original shape, without breaking or tearing.

Jelly reinforced with cocktail sticks

This jelly could also support a full bowl weighing 267g, but it was wobblier. The sticks poked through the sides of the jelly when the bowl was squashing it.

Jelly reinforced with aluminium foil

This jelly could also hold up a weighted bowl. The foil bent as well as the jelly, but returned to the original shape when the bowl was taken off. Sorry Mrs McLain forgot the photo of this one.