Bubble 3

Week Beginning 29th June

Today we learnt about how our skeleton gives our body structure, protects organs and enables it to move. Then we made some flap books to show muscles and bones under the skin. We made dream catchers today 🙂

Making slime!

Week Beginning 22nd June

Today we have started to make our 3D house models using a range of different materials.


Week Beginning 15th June

Today we thought about some of the special men in our lives.

Lizzie’s Video Message

Lois’ Video Message

Melody’s Video Message

In Bubble 3 this afternoon we learnt about pattern seeking investigations. Then we investigated which biscuit is best for dunking in a drink, without crumbling, and whether the temperature of the drink makes a difference.

Inspired by Bertie’s Top Tips video, today we started making our own comics.

We carried on with our comics today 🙂


Week Beginning 8th June

This week we have been super creative!  We have worked hard to design and make a tambourine using paper plates, ribbon, and bells. We have enjoyed playing our musical instruments with one another!
Today (10.6.20) we started to make our own tabletop football game using a cardboard shoe box, wooden pegs, and dowel rods. Here are a few photographs of our work so far! We can’t wait to show you our finished products!

We have been making our own monsters and unicorns using scratch pens.

Here are some of our finished table top football games:

This week we have really enjoyed competing against each other in different Emoji quizzes. We have had so much fun that we decided to create our own Emoji quiz for you at home.  How many can you get right? Can you think of anymore?

Week Beginning 1st June

Our superpower is keeping ourselves and others safe, by staying in our bubble, and where we made magic boxes to put reminders in of the things that make us happy.

We’ve thought of things we could put in our magic boxes.
If we are feeling sad or worried, we can look in our magic box and find something to help us relax or cheer up.

Today we tested our reinforced jellies by trying to balance weights on them.

We also made rocket mice, using the idea from Mrs Owen’s Scool Science Club video:



Everyone in Bubble 3 thinks they have got better at fractions this week.

We’ve been comparing and ordering fractions, finding equivalent fractions and changing one type of fraction into another.

We can even add fractions when they don’t have the same denominator.