Bubble 1

Week Beginning 22nd June

We read ‘Do Unto Otters’ and then we made our very own otter friends!
We had lots of water play activities because the weather was so hot!
Some of us made soup out of water and vegetables.

We did an experiment with Mrs Payne to see what would sink and what would float. We had to vote with our hands to show what we had predicted.


We were getting creative outside with some water and paints!
Some us have been experimenting with different ways to carry water using pipes. Albie and Harriet wanting to make a water system.

Arthur made his own hoe for gardening out of sticks and sellotape.

We went down to the field and raced each other!

Mrs Payne was using the wind to make bubbles and we had to catch them and pop them.

Week Beginning 15th June

We wanted to make a special card for our Dads and the other special people in our lives!

We read Dr Seuss’s story ‘The Sneetches’. In the story, some of the sneetches have stars on their bellies and some have plain bellies. But do you know what? The sneetches with stars wouldn’t let the other sneetches join in their parties and were being very unkind because they thought they were better than everyone else.
We all decided to share our own thoughts on the story by making our own stars. Some of us decorated them and some of us shared our thoughts in words.

We have been making our own octopus friends out of recycling! Check them out!

We have been looking at a bird’s nest and decided to make our own binoculars to look for nests in the EYFS garden!

We practised some of our Maths skills by making our own hopscotch drawings with chalk. It was lots of fun.

Albie and Shae were trying to make their own snow with white chalk and an air pump. Very scientific!

Caitlyn and Harriet were making a special ladder for their tree house.

Patrick was busy tying some string to the railings to make beautiful patterns.

Week Beginning 8th June

Bubbles in a Bubble Look out Jackson Pollack Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely hearts

Growing Rainbows

We made our own Yellow Submarines

Week Beginning 1st June

This week we have been junk modelling, drawing chalk pictures based on how we felt listening to particular pieces of music, painting, having a go at some phonics and playing in the water tray.

We have been using play-dough and doing some more junk modelling. The class had a really good idea to make some hot air balloons so we used different materials to make one each. We went outside and tested them in the wind. Lucky for us, it was a very windy day!