2017 Learning Walk

Governors Learning Walk- Spring 2017

Our Governing Body recently took a Learning Walk around our school. The Governing Body oversees the strategic operation of the school, so it is important that they have a clear, first hand understanding of how school works and how children are learning, and see the progress the children make from Nursery to Year 6.

At the end of the walk, the Governors chat with the Head and the Deputy about what they have seen and can raise any questions and discuss how well the school is doing, particularly in working towards the areas we have outlined in our annual School Improvement Plan.

Here are some of the Governors’ comments.

‘The children were engaged in their work and keen to share their learning’

‘There was an emphasis on learning, happiness and security.’

‘Even the youngest children in Nursery had opportunities to talk about their uniqueness and to develop their sense of identity and confidence’

‘Interactions between staff and children were very positive…and the questions offered to children helped them to develop their ideas and think more deeply.’

‘The displays were fantastic and value children’s viewpoints and contributions.’

The Leadership Team asked the Governors to reflect on any areas where they felt we could continue to develop. They suggested that we look at brightening the Infant hall with additional displays, and as a result we have asked for any talented artists among our families to support us to create a mural along one large wall. Another suggestion was that we consider how our tetra-pak milk cartons can be recycled. This will now be looked at by the eco committee and the children can investigate how this can be managed. They also have offered to revamp some of the EYFS outdoor spaces and paint some wooden structures.