Reception – Spring 1 Newsletter

Reception Newsletter Spring 1, 2021

Once upon a time …

Dear families, we hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Our topic this term is Once upon a time … and we will be reading lots of traditional tales and doing related activities. Our main text in literacy is Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke, from our Pathways to Write scheme.

Here are some of the lovely things we will be doing this term:
Communication and Language: Our text, Naughty bus, encourages conversation and imaginative play. It is about a toy London bus that a young boy plays with. We will also be reading and acting out lots of traditional tales and encouraging the children to engage in role play during their independent learning sessions.
Physical Development: We will continue to do our daily exercises and adapt them to meet the ongoing needs of the children. It is making a big difference to their strength, co-ordination, stamina and spatial awareness. We will continue to have extended outdoor sessions where the children can run, balance, climb, walk, ride a bike, etc. Our PE session continues to be on a Monday.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We will be looking at how our behaviour affects others and learning a wider vocabulary of words to describe our feelings.
Literacy: We will continue our daily phonics and daily literacy lessons, first thing in the morning. We will be writing recounts of our news. There are writing materials in all areas of the classroom and outdoors and we will be encouraging the writing of signs for models and captions for pictures.
Maths: We will be focusing on one more and one less, writing numbers to 20 and calculating simple addition sums. We will be looking at measures, such as capacity and the measurement of time.
Understanding the World: We will be looking at London as our capital city, as our text Naughty Bus is about a London bus. We will also be looking at our school community, our local area and our city.
Expressive Arts and Design: We will be making models of places in our local community, in Liverpool and in London. We will be encouraging role play, both indoors and outdoors, linked to the traditional tales we will be reading. We will have a dress up day, as a character from a traditional tale, later this term. Details will be provided nearer the time.
If you have any questions, don’t forget, you can contact us via Class Dojo. PE continues to be on a Monday. Home-readers need to be returned to school on a Monday and we will send out the new books on a Wednesday, as before.

Thank you for your patience at home time. We would like to wish you all a very happy new year from the EYFS Team.

Teachers & Support Staff:
Miss Knutsen, Mrs Horscroft , Miss Langeveld (Penguins), Mrs Sayer and Miss Fisher (Seals) all work closely together throughout Reception ensuring that all children are offered the opportunities to access a wide and varied curriculum.