Reception Newsletter

EYFS Newsletter Spring 2 2020

We will be looking at different traditional tales and also having a focus on nature with our SOS, Save Our Seas topic, incorporated into this half St Michael in the Hamlet Community Primary School. Our topic for this term is Once upon a time 
Our focus this term

Our main focus this term will be reading. We will read stories daily to the children and listen to them read individually and in small groups. We will read a range of fiction and non-fiction books and will read a range of short poems. We will encourage role play, linked to our Once upon a time…topic and also follow the children’s interests. We encourage the children to take responsibility to look after our seas, through our ‘SOS, Save Our Seas’ activities.


Our Breakfast club and after school club The Haven are both very popular with Reception parents. This can result in less face to face contact with our EYFS staff and children often mislay letters. Copies of our letters are available on the school website. Those sent by the school office are sent by parent mail and are also available on the school website. We also have spare letters available in the EYFS entrance.


The children have really enjoyed our PE activities and these will continue each Friday morning in the hall. We still do our 5 minutes of exercises to music every morning, to develop the gross / fine  motor skills needed for writing. We focus on anticlockwise circles, retracing vertical lines and diagonal lines, through dance moves that build up the strength and co-ordination required for writing.

Healthy Eating and Self-Care

The children are enjoying the healthy school dinners and have enjoyed trying new foods in class and also doing some baking.

In regards to self-care, please encourage your child to flush the toilet and wash their hands.

Once upon a time …

Our topic will continue to focus on a range of traditional tales. Some activities in the carousel of activities, that takes place in the morning, will be linked to the story of the week. We are encouraging children to use the language of stories in their play and to make up their own stories. There are opportunities for role play both indoors and outdoors throughout the week. We change our role play areas to meet the interests and needs of the children. This half term we will also be looking at the ocean and the damage that plastic is doing to it. The children will be involved in a range of activities linked to this and we will look at seals and penguins and their natural environments.

Wellbeing in EYFS

Our day is designed to meet the needs of young children, in the busy world that we live in. We have found that our early morning dance / exercise routines have been very beneficial in not only improving gross motor skills and spatial awareness, but also pupil wellbeing. We have a balanced day with a mixture of adult lead and child initiated activities. Our Outdoor Learning at the end of the week allows pupils to benefit from being in natural surroundings. This is particularly beneficial at the end of the school week, as children become more tired. We have a very multi- sensory approach in EYFS, with plenty of opportunity for movement, communication and creative expression. We also incorporate the children’s interests into our planning of activities e.g. we have changed our role play area into a recording studio for the children to play in and we will be doing music activities outdoors as well.

What you can do at home to support your child

The most important thing you can do to support your child is to talk to them and widen their vocabulary. Please listen to them read regularly. Please find opportunities for them to see you reading and writing. Many of the children are wanting to write at the moment. Give them lots of opportunities to write and give them plenty of praise. If you correct them too much, it can easily put them off writing. Also think of rhyming words and look out for numbers, especially the teens numbers when you are out and about.

Thank you for your continued support, The Reception Team. 24.02.20