Reception Learning

Reception Spring 2: "Once upon a time"

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We will be reading lots of stories that deal with emotions, feelings and behaviour. We will be encouraging the children to take responsibility for their actions. We will be developing good manners and we will be making New Year’s resolutions. We will be playing games such as Dominoes, Snakes and Ladders and card games.

Physical Development: We will continue to have daily gross-motor activities in class, including dancing and yoga. We have PE on Fridays and Outdoor Learning on Thursday and Friday. In class we have fine motor skills activities daily. We will be focusing on a healthy diet this term and self-care linked to avoiding spreading germs.

Communication and Language: We will be focusing on increasing the children’s vocabularies by reading lots of stories and poems to fill in the gaps in their knowledge. We will be examining a range of interesting objects to develop language and playing I spy to improve knowledge of naming words. We will be modelling language use linked to good manners.

The World: We will be learning about the people who help us in our local community, with the children taking photographs for our display. We are hoping to visit the local library. We will be making simple maps of the school grounds. We will be looking at the changes in the seasons and celebrating Chinese New Year.

Expressive Arts and Design: We will be using a wider range of materials for our collages. We will be making props and costumes for our role play areas. We will be exploring different instruments as part of our role play. We will design and make new areas for our Outdoor Role-Play. We will dance to different genres of music.

Literacy: We will be starting Monster Phonics as we move into Phase 3 Phonics. We will be listening to traditional tales and contemporary stories with PSED themes. We will be developing our reading areas with role paly resources that will allow the children to create their own stories. We will be writing stories, instructions and lists in our Shared Writing sessions and we will be writing labels for our models and pictures.

Mathematical Development: We will be focusing on writing the numerals 6 and 9 and the teens numbers. We will be using the language of position e.g. next to, by, in front of. We will be measuring ingredients in Cookery every week and discussing distances in our school grounds. We will be comparing the weights of objects and the size of objects and improving our language skills in all areas linked to measurement. We will be using numbers in our story making and throughout the school day.

PE: We have PE on a Friday morning. The children will be wearing their PE kits from the start of January 2020.

Book bags should be returned to school every Wednesday to be changed. There will be a ‘Support your child in Reading’ session for parents later this half-term. Information will follow shortly.