EYFS – Somebody Swallowed Stanley

First things first, let’s start off the week with our exercise video. It’s called ‘The Penguin Dance’!


RECAP TIME: Can you remember the focus sound from last week? That’s right ‘oo’. What words have the oo sound in the middle of it ?

Now we are going to learn a new sound ‘sh’. Can you think of any words that start with the sh sound? Last week we focused on a sea creature beginning with ‘sh’. What was it?

So let’s dive right in to discover more about the ‘sh’ sound. Let’s start by watching these two videos. 

  • Now it’s your turn! Can you go and explore your house and find different things that start with the ‘sh’ sound or have the ‘sh’ sound in it ? 3, 2, 1 … off you go! Happy hunting! 🙂 


  • In school, we use Monster Phonics. Click this link to look at a book focusing on the sh sound. Can you spot the different sh words? Can you write them in a super long list? 

Monster phonics SH sound book


  • Here are 2 fun activities to do. If you don’t have a printer, have a go at writing them out in the same way.

sh – read and reveal                              colour and read real nonsense words


  • Sight Bingo – Write a range of ‘sh’ words on a piece of paper and when you say a word, your child has to find and then colour in the specific word.  This could be done using natural things like leaves. Again, you say a word and then the child has to find the correct leaf. 


  • Sentence Writing  –   Model writing sentences with some of the sh words. Children to then copy and try their own.


  • Now it’s counting time with Mrs Sayer.


  • Nursery Rhyme Time. Did you enjoy 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive’ last week?  This week’s song is a twist on the classic ‘finger family’ nursery rhyme. It has been changed to include sea animals. Have a listen and try to join in . 

  • Do you remember why it is important to save our seas? Tell someone in your house or phone a family member to tell them all about what you have learnt so far. They will be so impressed! 🙂 


  • Have you still got the SOS plaque/ sign that you made last week? If you have, march around your garden or some space outside of your house, or even inside up and down the stairs and around the rooms. Use your loud outdoor voice to make sure people can hear your important message! Can you encourage others to join in with you? You can even record your march and sent it in so that we can see it! We can’t wait! 


  • Now let’s jump right in to this weeks new story, read by the fabulous Mrs Horscroft again. It is called ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley.’ Listen carefully and then have a go at all the wonderful activities we have put together for you. We have so many this week. Have fun everyone! 🙂
  • Did you notice that a lot of the words in the story rhyme. Can you listen to it again and shout out the pairs of rhyming words? You can even have a go at writing these down using your phonics. 


  • Watch the next 3 videos of Mrs Sayer doing different rhyming activities and games. 


  • Can you design a sea creature? You can make one based on a REAL sea creature OR you can create your own IMAGINARY sea creature. You can draw it on paper and use craft materials or ypu can be ECO friendly and RECYCLE materials to make your sea creature. Have a look what some of our teachers have done…
  • Here is the EXTRA CHALLENGE: Can you give your sea creature a NAME? … BUT it can’t just be any ordinary name… it needs to be ALLTERATION. That means when BOTH WORDS START WITH THE SAME LETTER/ SOUND. 

Mrs Sayer made a crab from recycled materials. She called it 


Mrs Horsecroft made a squid from the story book.


Miss Langeveld’s son, Issac, created a WONDERFUL WHALE.



Miss Langeveld’s daughter, Lila, created a GREAT PUFFER FISH


  • Do you like the look of Sid the Squid? Well Mrs Horscroft thought you would like to have a go at making one of your own so she has created a FANTASTIC video that shows you how to do it. 
  • First Mrs Horscroft shows you WHAT YOU NEED, then you can follow her set of INSTRUCTIONS to make your very own squid. GOOD LUCK! What name will you give yours? 


Look at the SUPERSTAR

Leo from PENGUINS.

He made his very own Sid the Squid!

Do you like going on hunts around your house or outdoors? Today, we are going to find things around the house that are made from different materials. Then we are going to sort them into groups. Watch this video of Mrs Horscroft doing this activity with her children. 

Make your own Hunt blank grid           Nature Hunt for younger children           Sensory Hunt for younger children

  • Have a go at this game. You need to move your submarine around to collect all of the plastic under the sea. 





Pot of Gold activity: We have been focusing on SOS and recycling. We have made some excellent models using recycling materials too! BUT not everything can be recycled just yet! Do you know that you can make an ECO BRICK using all of the things that can’t be recycled? Click here to find out more and have a go

Tips for Making Eco bricks

  • Watch Mrs Horscroft’s daughter Gemma here. She shows you exactly how to make an ECO BRICK!


  • Finally, let’s wind down, just like we do at the end of the day in school, with some Cosmic YogaToday’s story is ‘Norris the Baby Seahorse’. Enjoy! 🙂