EYFS – Do Unto Otters

So far we have put up 8 pictures of our ADULTS all pulling FUNNY FACES. Here’s another 3 pictures, thanks to MRS SAYER, JESSICA and ROSE from Penguins for their WONDERFUL WORK. KEEP SENDING them in to see some more!  Mrs Brackenridge is lined up as the next picture! So send send send! 🙂

Look at our very own Mrs Basson from the office. Can you copy this great face?

What a super squishy face from our lovely Year 1 teacher, Miss Bedford! Can you squish your lips in like this, just like a fish and frown at the same time too?

Can you pull tongues in this way like the lovely Mrs Langeveld?

Let’s start by going on an Ocean adventure. Do a stretch and a shake and let’s get started. 

  • We have a lovely nursery rhyme called ‘The Cuckoo’. Have a listen!


  • Did you notice it was naming the months of the year? Do you know the months of the year in order? Here is a song to help you, that we sing in class. I hope you remember it. 

  • Now try a little ordering activity. Have a go. Can you identify special occasions and events that happen in different months, like your birthday, Christmas and starting a new year in school. 
  • How about playing a fun snap game too? 

Months-of-the-Year-Cut-and-Stick-Activity-Sheet             Months-of-the-Year-Snap-Game

  • Now settle down, get comfy and listen to the words in this lovely song called ‘Three Little Birds’ by a music artist called Bob Marley. The song follows on from our bird theme last week and it also introduces our new focus this week , all about MANNERS, RESPECT FOR OTHERS and that when we WORK TOGETHER and HELP EACH OTHER, EVERYTHING IS OK. 🙂 

  • Back to tradition, jump right in with this exercise video called ‘The Birdie Song’. 


  • Now let’s jump into our phonics! RECAP TIME: Can you remember the focus sound from last week? That’s right ‘oi’. Can you remember some words with the oi sound in the middle of it? Repeat these words in the video.

  • Now we are going to learn a new sound. So let’s dive right in to discover the ‘er’ sound.

Now have a go at these different activities. If you don’t have a printer, you can write the words and draw the pictures.

  • Here are some er flashcards. Can you sound them out?        


  • COLOURING SCENE : We have 2 different colouring in pictures. One  labels different things clearly. In the other one, the words are so small that you will need to use a magnifying glass to help you read it. You can sound out the letters and write them nice and big on a piece of paper to help you read it better. Then colour in the lovely scene. 

 phase-3-er-words-beach-scene-magnifying-glass                 er-sound-colouring-scene

  • PHONEME SPOTTER: Read the story and colour in the words with the focus sound ‘er’ in it. How many can you find? You can colour in the pictures when you have found all of the words.


  • BOARD GAME: Have a go at the er sound board game. Roll a dice to move a number of spaces then sound out the word and blend together to read it. You can write this down too.

er sound board game

  • COLOUR AND READ: This game is all about recognising real and nonsense words. This can be done as a colouring in sheet as they sound out each word and decide if it is real or nonsense or it can be turned into a game by cutting up the words, turning a word card over, sounding it out, deciding if it is real or nonsense. If it real they can keep it, if it is nonsense they can scrunch it up and throw it into a bin (cup/ bowl/ bucket)

 er Real-and-Nonsense- colour words

  • LOOK AND LABEL: Look at the picture and write down what it is called using the word box below it. It is split up into sound boxes to help you.  Some of the words give your some letters to help you. Good Luck. 


  • Here is a workbook all about the sound ‘er’. It includes reading, writing, colouring and drawing. 

er wokbook

  • Here is the famous Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe. Watch this video and then go on a hunt around your house to try and find different items that have the er sound in it. 

  • Pot of Gold activity:Here’s one of my favourite nursery rhymes, ‘Two Little Dicky Birds.’

  • Now this is one I haven’t heard before, called ‘Once I saw a little bird’. Listen to it carefully and then it will ask you to join in. We hope you like it! 

We hope you enjoy all of the activities above! Enjoy the weekend and we’ll have more for you to do on Monday. Take care, stay safe, and play!

So far we have put up 11 pictures. Here’s another 2. Well Done! 🙂 

Can you pull tongues to the side like our very own Mrs Owen?

Check out this beady eye here! It’s Mrs McGill. 
  • This week we are are looking at a book that is all about MANNERS. Do you know what manners are? Do you use them? Have a chat with the people in your house and see what they think. 
  • Now sit comfortably and listen carefully to the story called ‘Do Unto Otter’ by Laurie Keller. 

  • Manners are very important. Think about when you say please, thank you and excuse me. How about learning to say please and thank you in a few different languages. Watch this video then have a go at tracing over the words on these sheets. 
  • please thank you diff languages

    • Let’s start with sing language. 

    • Now let’s look at saying thank you in different languages 

  • Have a go at these discussion cards : I’m sorry for, This is wrong because …

Manners discussion cards

  • Fill in this activity sheet to show us your marvelous manners using PLEASE, THANK YOU and EXCUSE ME. 

Do-Unto-Otters-Activity please thank you excuse me

Check out Joseph from Nursery with his SUPER comic strip all about having MANNERS. What AMAZING illustrations!



  • Golden Rules – Can you remember what the Golden Rule is? Make this poster to tell us about the Golden Rule and what will you do for others to be kind and helpful ? 

Do-Unto-Otters-golden rule Activities


  • Now let’s explore what RESPECT means. 

  • Here’s a story about a goat called Gilbert in school. Have a look and think about how you show respect in school. Are you like Gilbert at the beginning or at the end of the story? Think about how we can do things better. 

  • How about making a RESPECT hat. On this hat, draw and label the different things you do to show respect for others. Just get some paper or card, cut out the hat shape that you want (it could be like a pirate hat, a tall hat, a party hat etc) then decorate it and finally get an adult to help you staple, glue or sellotape it together round your head. 

  • Maths game – Make the dice first. Roll it and see what animal picture it lands on. Find the matching picture on your bar graph and colour in the square above it. Repeat this 9 more times.
  • Can you write some number sentences and facts about this data. Can you ask any questions?

maths – bar graph game


  • Here is another story called ‘The Rabbit listened’. Listen carefully! 

  • Think about others and being friends – Listen to this Beatles song called ‘With a little help from my friends’. 

  • Here is another Beatles song called ‘We can work it out’. Being a team really helps! 


Having friends is great.

How about having a go at making a sock puppet friend to keep you company.

Mrs Horscroft has made a friend out of an old, clean sock.

Maybe you’d like to try to make one too?

Here are some other things you might like to do with your sock. 

Empathy_forest friend_just extension activities

Look at Rose from Penguins with her FABULOUS sock friend puppet. How adorable!
  • Now let’s kick of our Otter learning with the 7 fun facts video. (watch up to 3:50) 

  • What do you think a Sea Otter does? Where do you think it lives? Watch this short video clip from the BBC, giving you an insight into ‘A Sea Otter’s Life’. 

  • Here is a non-fiction book all about Sea Otters. 

  • Do you know the differences between sea otters and river otters? Watch this video to find out! 

  • Do you want to know how to draw an otter? Follow this video to have a try. Good luck! 🙂 


  • How about making an otter using a paper bag. I loved doing this!


Click here to follow the instructions for making your own Otter. 

Directions for Paper Bag Sea Otter Craft


This is  the otter outline if you ant to colour it in instead of drawing your own. 

Baby Sea Otter Outline Template

  • Here are some pictures with circles to have a go at rolling some  playdough at putting them in the circles but make sure they fit perfectly! If you wanted, instead of using play dough, you could write numbers in them counting forward or backwards on ones or even in 2’s. 

play dough animals and tracing – fine motor skills

  • Pot of Gold activity: Let’s finish with 2 lovely stories. 

  • Lay back, close your eyes and listen to this lively calming story 

We hope you enjoy all of the activities above! Enjoy the weekend and we’ll have more for you to do on Monday. Take care, stay safe, and play!

Best wishes from Mrs Sayer; Miss Fisher; Miss Maddison; Miss Knutsen; Mrs Horscroft; Miss Langeveld.