EYFS – Alice in Wonderland

So far we have put up 17 pictures. Here’s another three, thanks to some children in Nursery and Reception. So what are YOU waiting for? Send, Send, Send in your work via class dojos to see some more funny faces of our adults!  🙂

  • Come on a ‘Tiny Adventure’ with Coach Josh. 

  • Now let’s jump into our PHONICS!
  • RECAP TIME: Can you remember the focus sound from last week? Can you remember some words with the ow sound in words? Repeat the words in the video aloud and then write them down on paper in any way you want. 

  • Now we are going to learn a new sound. So let’s dive right in to discover the ‘igh’ sound.

  • Here’s our Monster Phonics video to help you with the igh sound.

  • Next, let’s watch this Alphablocks video to practice sounding out words with the ‘igh’ sound

Now have a go at these different activities. If you don’t have a printer, you can write the words and draw the pictures.

  • Here are some igh flashcards. Can you sound them out? 


  • CROSSWORD: Can you solve all the clues to tell you all the words in this IGH crossword?       


  • IGH HOPSCOTCH GAME: Draw a hopscotch with 8 boxes. Instead of numbers in the boxes write the igh words in chalk. Each player has a marker such as a stone or button. The first player stands behind the starting line to toss the marker in square one. READ the word in square one. Then hop over square one to square two and then continue hopping to square eight, turn around, and hop back again, picking up the marker and READING the word again on the way back. Then continue by tossing the stone and READING the word in square two.
  • COLOUR AND READ: This game is all about recognising real and nonsense words. This can be done as a colouring in sheet as they sound out each word and decide if it is real or nonsense or it can be turned into a game by cutting up the words, turning a word card over, sounding it out, deciding if it is real or nonsense. If it real they can keep it, if it is nonsense they can scrunch it up and throw it into a bin (cup/ bowl/ bucket)


  • READ AND REVEAL:First fold the paper along the dotted line. Next, cut the paper into single word strips to make it easier to focus. Then read the word by using the sound buttons to help you. After that, open the flap to see the picture. Were you correct? Now you can have a go at writing the word in the empty box.


  • ROLL AND READ: This is one of my favourites. Roll a dice, look at what number you land on and read the matching word. Then colour it in with a highlighter or a light coloured pencil.


  • PHONEME SPOTTER: Read the story and colour in the words with the focus sound ‘IGH in it. How many can you find? You can colour in the pictures when you have found all of the words.


  • Here is a workbook all about the sound ‘igh’. It includes reading, writing, colouring and drawing. 



  • Here is the famous Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe. Watch this video and then go on a hunt around your house to try and find different items that have the igh sound in it. 

  • Listen to these sounds carefully. Can you identify the different animals? Good luck!

  • Let’s wind down now and do some cosmic yoga with bugs. 


This weeks story is Alice in Wonderland. Here is an exercise video from the Mad Hatter to one of the songs called ‘A very merry unbirthday to you!’. 

  • Here is a reading from Miss Knutsen. There are quite a few versions of this book. It is a shorter, condensed version of the traditional story. This book was from Home bargains for a bargain 69p! Maybe you might be able to save some pocket money and buy a copy if you can find it. Sit comfortably and switch on your listening ears. 
  • Have you ever wrote a book review? A book review tells other readers what you think of the story – whether it is good or bad, what your pest part is and so on. Have a go here using this sheet. 


  • Mrs Sayer has a lovely book from many years ago. It has lovely illustrations in it and it is split up into chapters. Here is a sneak preview of some of the pages. We have included some colouring sheets if you would like to have a go at colouring your own. There are a mixture of different ones. You could even trace the picture!  

alice-in-wonderland-colouring-pages          Alice-in-Wonderland-Colouring-Sheets

  • This is a recording of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. It is split up into chapters. 

  • Can you SPOT THE 10 DIFFERENCES in these pictures? Talk about it with an adult. 
  • We’re going on a door hunt! Alice found a tiny door in the story. When you are travelling, either by car, on foot, or on other modes of transport, look out for different doors in different places.
  • Fold a piece of paper in half, like a card and on the front page, draw a picture of your favourite door or even design your own.
  • Next have a think about what adventure your door will take you on… where will the door lead to? Open you card and inside can you draw your new place where it transports you to? Can you label things in your picture and / or write a story about it? Or maybe you can send a postcard from where your door has taken you? The opportunities are endless. Have lots of fun! 


  • Have you every played Simon Says? Well today you are going to play ‘The Queen of Hearts says’… Get read, this may tire you out! 
  • CARDS, CARDS, CARDS … We have lots of different card activities for you to join in with. 
  • The first one is looking at the pack of cards and seeing if you can guess what the missing numbers are… 
  • Can you order the whole pack into a number line from Ace (1) to 10 and then jack, queen, king? There are 4 suits in a pack of cards so you can pile the same cards on top of each other. 
  • One of my favourite games is ‘Higher or Lower’. Watch this to learn how to play then have a go yourself. It’s so much fun! 
  • A different type of game is Chess. Mrs Bentham has used the chess board here to play a similar game of higher and lower – using more than and less than,. Take a look and join in… 
  • Mrs Sayer had a great idea to create this BEST FRIENDS – number bonds to 10 game. Check it out and have a go yourself. I have played a few times and I have been timing myself and I am trying to beat my score! tell us what your time record is. You get faster the more you play! 
  • Use the cards do some addition number sentences. Watch this to show you how and to remind you of some counting tips. 
  • Next we will do some subtractions, (take aways). 
  • Alice in Wonderland has a special tea party. Do you know how to set a table for a tea party or even a picnic? Watch this video to learn more… 
  • This is photograph of Mrs Sayer’s completed tea party table setting. Can you talk about what you can see –  What objects can you see? How many of each object can you see? What patterns are on them? 

  • Can you make name cards so that the people in your tea party know where to sit? 
  • Can you write out an invitation to invite your guests to your tea party?  


  • Alice in Wondeland drinks a magic potion that makes her small. can you make your own ‘Drink Me’ potion using different ingredients. Watch Miss Bentham to learn how to do it. 
  • Can you write a label for your potion and decorate it ? 
  • Can you write a list of ingredients that you used in your potion? 


  • Have a go at tracing the correct lower case letter that matches the capital letter. 



  • Pot of Gold activity: Our Cosmic Yoga story today is called ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Enjoy!

Have a lovely week everyone! 🙂